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  1. Silver Quarters From Coinstars?

    I have found nine of them (compared with nearly 80 silver dimes), but none in the last two years. Because they're more noticeable, fewer may have survived the big silver melts of 1964-65 and 1980, and those that did were more readily pulled from circulation. If you search through rolls...
  2. Large cent!

    I'd call it extraordinary. There were one or two other LC's, but this is the oldest Coinstar find I recall seeing here. A super recovery! I think the 1 Taka coin is from Bangladesh. And the Chiefs token looks interesting. Without Googling, I wouldn't know if it's from 1970 or 2020. Just from...
  3. Got my first ever war nickel this week. How common are they in Coinstars?

    Nice grab. I haven't found one yet either. But people hunting nickel rolls seem to have better luck than I would have thought, even if it is a more targeted search.
  4. It has been zero days since my last silver find

    And tonight, a 1956-P from under the machine. I just need a '58 and a '55 to have one from each date. For some reason, late August through September has been the most productive stretch the last few years.

    Great find, congratulations! The first Morgan I ever saw was a 1900-O; a neighbor had it in his collection when I was seven years old.
  6. Coin Machines

    Hmm, I guess I was more on the right track the first time. I googled widow's mite replicas, and this looks like a match:
  7. Coin Machines

    It's a zipper tab or similar adornment, probably from a winter jacket. I've found several of these. The first time I saw one, I thought it might be an ancient coin.
  8. It has been zero days since my last silver find

    Another silver dime today (a 1964-D), after a bit of everything yesterday. A Canadian quarter and a 1941 wheat, 3.10 in Euros, a dollar from Belize, $1.10 East Caribbean, with a couple of more wash tokens and some clad.
  9. Coin Machines

    No, unfortunately. All the machines are owned by Coinstar/Outerwall, and the entire metal bin goes back to the company for sorting. Store managers have keys and can open the machine if needed, but the company won't sell to us.
  10. Coin Machines

    I haven't had much luck with the Coin Conversion machines at Publix. I found a clad quarter once and a couple of Canadian coins once, and that's been it. People used to be able to buy the coin bags inside (sorted by denomination) until the company put a stop to that.
  11. 1920-S cent from coinstar reject tray

    Nice! My first-ever coin purchases were a 1919-S and 1920-S (50 years ago this month). I think it cost about 40 cents then, but I haven't seen one since either.
  12. It has been zero days since my last silver find

    A 1952-S. This is the most common of the silver "S" varieties, but still comparatively low-mintage.
  13. CoinStar Surfing Log...

    There was at least one silver (a 1960 Rosie early on), but I recognize my own more typical finds from the list (Chuck E. Cheese tokens, clad foreign coins, and plastic play money). And the majority of my searches are flat-out skunks. With the silver, I've done better than some and not nearly as...
  14. Snagged some free Silver today..

    My favorite kind. Nice grab!
  15. Third silver in 3 weeks!

    When they come in bunches, it's a gas. If silver went to $150 an ounce, I'll bet we'd still get lucky once in a while.