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  1. 6 Silvers, 2 Gold, Memorial Day Hunts

    Those hunks of gold are beautiful I really like that ring and I hope the chain tests out high. It looks good from here. Congrats on the Civil War bullets too. Hard finds in your neck of the woods. Congrats on a great weekend!
  2. Big Wyoming Silver

    That looks HUGE is it silver as well? Looks it.
  3. Big Wyoming Silver

    Wow! A service medal would be an awesome find. Do you have a picture you can post?
  4. Big Wyoming Silver

    Here is the link to the video of the find:
  5. Big Wyoming Silver

    They're still out there. Both of mine were in completely unexpected areas. I'm sure they show up in yards and parks, but something that big is probably likely to be seen and picked up soon after it was dropped. My first was probably a hunter's drop. This one was out by it's lonesome in a pasture.
  6. Two Months, Two Morgans

    What an awesome two days! I love the in situ pictures.
  7. Our first permission!

    With signals like that in there. There should still be plenty of coins. Go get em!
  8. Big Wyoming Silver

    Howdy folks, I got out to a permission yesterday. I had done a one day hunt a few years back and finally was able to catch the land owner to have another go. The 4'th signal of the day was the silver dollar. Only my second ever. 1922 S. Not much else around it aside from a few spent bullets...
  9. 🥇 BANNER New Random Field - Day 4 - Hammered + ROMAN GOLD COIN (Wish List No.3)...

    Banner all the way! I wonder what that coin saw and heard before it was lost. You guys definitely earned it!
  10. 1781 Spanish 1/2 Reale: In North Central Tennessee

    The video from this hunt is now up on YouTube: Thanks for looking, -NZ49er
  11. First diamond:

    They say there are white, brown, and yellow diamonds. Yellow is the rarest color. You are allowed to take one 5 gallon bucket of gravels out per day. I've been hard at it for the last 4 days, but haven't found another one yet! A lady did find a .86 carat yesterday, though. Thanks for looking...
  12. Silver Ring and IHP

    I love that ring!
  13. First diamond:

    Howdy folks, I found this 14pt yellow yesterday at the Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas. Found while wet sifting in the first few hours of the day. The park only averages around 1 find per day out of hundreds of visitors, so I was pretty stoked. The plan is to have it set in a ring made out of...
  14. Got another COB and joined the 1600's Club!!!

    Howdy folks, I have the video posted from this hunt. Here is the link if anyone would like to take a peek: Thanks, -NZ49er
  15. Civil War era acorn pin - kepi pin perhaps

    The acorn was used a symbol by the 14th Corps during the Civil War. They were active in the western theater. Any chance they had men in the area you were hunting? Great and unique find, either way! Link with info: -NZ49er