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  • What model Tesoro are you looking for? I have a Cibola that I was going to list for sale. Call/text me 321-593-2628 if you're interested.

    sry im usually look at tnet on the phone and didnt see this message. not to bad at fairgrounds. im hunting a old field now that is giving up lots of indian head cents and one shield nickel. only silver thre was a barber dime 1893 o mint mark and i sold it for 70 dollars lol. we should get together sometime i have permission on some old school sights along with a possible col crawford battle site that i have found musket balls.
    yes that is great I like old home sites the best myself. I live in Nevada just down the road from you. have you ever done any good at the fair grounds
    Hi oak hunter I am from over around sycamore and got started this year I think ive seen ya at fairgrounds I haven't hunted there I do most of mine on old home sites. Nice to see someone on here from the are
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