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  • Actually, it was produced by a geology student by grant from the university of Davis, I just passed it along. Thanks for invite:thumbsup:
    Hi oakview2, I just watched a vid you posted on building and using a mercury retort... great vid! Very informative thanks.
    Ron, By now you know I did not show at the gig on Sat, today. I am in AZ by my brother. Dramatic changes are about to occur back in CA. I will be packing my things (probably the 3rd time, now,) and staying in AZ. So, I will be looking for a membership out here soon. Please do not be upset. No one but Judy is the reason. I am not going away.... just keeping nearer the RV for the most part. We will keep in touch as with all. Terry
    OI m8 here is the picture of the mat i used oo no can posties here ok... ill post in forum
    OI Oak im using Aqua Regia if you want to compare notes or have any questions hollar at me.. bcceo.dl@gmail.com
    Ron- the phone number you gave me is wrong. There are 5 numbers where there should be 4, and when I tried to email you at oakview2@aol, it bounced.

    This will be the third time i have tried to reply,i hope it makes it this time. I'm not very computer savy,the last two times I wound up sending the message to myself instead lol. If this does get to you, I will then tell you more about myself. I don't need to know more than I already do.
    Oak, Click on my name in any post. You will get some choices that include "add as a friend". Click on it and follow instructions. I will accept it at this end. Tnx. Terry
    I think I holding out for a Keene or Proline maybe even a Jobe. With Christmas and such I couldn't do anything right now. Thanks for the heads up though.
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