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  1. 14k gold ring, louis vutton bracelet, silver earrings

    If you find a class ring * BETHEL HIGH SCHOOL * Class of 1975 Lost it at Folly Beach S.C. in 1978. What do people say "Never Give Up Hope" Seriously GREAT JOB
  2. Metal Detecting so misunderstood after all these years

    Crash you my friend hit the nail on the head. The vest works . . . If people think your working they usually walk away. My vest is orange wear it all the time ! ! !
  3. Back to the 5th Ohio Camp, another Sutlers Token

    Nice find . . . Really cool token
  4. Math Question Help -- PLEASE

    Math is really out of the question. But what I can say is Hope you start feelin better Jeff.
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED A token I can’t figure out.

    Great find my friend. I agree it does look like a tag.
  6. Short hunt and some tiny finds

    Nice Finds. Wishing the heat away myself. NICE
  7. Battle of Nashville Civil War soldiers coat found

    Great job Mike with your Battle finds. Keep on Hunting that Battle site and see what else is found. GREAT JOB
  8. Hello! So Happy I found TN!

    Welcome Alicia to TNet and the best group of Treasure Hunters on Earth. Best of Luck to you going forward. Also remember to DIg. Dig. Dig everything and pick up your TRASH
  9. Goodbye TN. ..Hello Ohio

    Y'all miss me ? Well I've been moving and haven't posted for quite a while now. I had to pull up roots in Tennessee and move back home to the state I was born and raised in. Certain things beyond some control takes hold and forces your hand so you make some hard decisions. This was one of them...
  10. Unknown 14k Gold Emblem Necklace

    Really nice that it has your Grandfathers name on it. Nice find
  11. 1st dirt fishing of 2022

    Nice find of old fishing spinners. Hope it felt great just to get out. The finds are just the icing on the cake. RIGHT!
  12. buckles, earrings and a old coin…

    Great Finds and I just love the One Cent piece Congrats on all the Treasures
  13. This find is an all time first for me.

    Ours just finally and thank the oil Gods went down to an average $ 3.89. Really crazy times with everything the past 2 years and now this. Just another day in the life
  14. Digging DEEP Coins

    Thanks for that bit of information. I also use the BH in really trashy parks because it gets thru the trash better that the Garrett 400. I am waiting for the 5x8 DD coil to get back in stock because I have read great things about the depth and the ability to pick out the trash. This is really...
  15. Price at the Pumps

    I once bought a 1987 Yugo paid $400 in 1998. It had an inline 4 cylinder motor with 55 horsepower with the top speed of 84mph. The thing was a bucket of bolts but it also had a amazing 48 mpg. It was voted by Car Talk as the Worst Car of the Millennium. I sure wish I had keep that car.