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  1. Copper butterfly and ant on orange flowers

    Thanks much to all of you for the info and kind words.
  2. Critter cam kitty

    I grew up listening to them when we would go camping on the lake ridges below our house in Kentucky, but never saw one until just 2 or 3 years ago here in Pennsylvania.
  3. Stuff I see while fishing.

    I like your merganser silhouette (#4) very much! I still haven’t seen any fawns at all this year. Late for me.
  4. Vandal

    I use the same camera, Ron. Love mine. I also have a Canon SL1 that I carry with a macro lens so I don’t have to change lenses in the field. Nice bear pics!
  5. Copper butterfly and ant on orange flowers

    Thanks for that @traveller777! This might be the first year these have bloomed. I don’t remember any pods before.
  6. Me My Wife My Brother and my Sister in-law

    Really nice to see pics like this. I have no brothers, but am stuck between an older sister and a younger one. We get together once per year and it’s always a good time. Your wife has a wonderful smile!
  7. Mom needs a break...

    It’s nice to see all the critters. Thanks!
  8. Copper butterfly and ant on orange flowers

    Thanks much all. I just learned the plant is a variety of milkweed. I am used to the common variety with pink and white blooms. Never too old to learn!
  9. The hunts are starting to shine ✨️

    Yeah that little key caught my eye too. Good find!
  10. Copper butterfly and ant on orange flowers

  11. First Four Leaf Clover of the Season

    Good eye, Bill. I have only ever found one in my 60 years, but I had a cousin that could spot them like it was the easiest thing in the world! Hope you get the luck with it!
  12. First permission in 2 years nets Silver!

    Just like you never quit!
  13. An hour in a park.

    At least you got out and I bet your heart rate got up a bit with the jewelry!
  14. Critters on the way to Grand Junction

    We have quite a few cinnamon colored black bears here in my area, but I would not dare guess what you saw. I have never seen a grizzly in the wild, so definitely will take you westerners’ word. Great pics.