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  • I'm going to the shipyard today. Are you looking for a boat here? I know of 4 here in La Ceiba, going at 9am. Also checking trujillo and Utilla.
    let me know spects of you are.
    I would be happy to help you retrieve it. Depth not an issue with the re breather. Can get couple other divers to help.
    Thank you
    jonathan d iseson
    highland beach, fl
    Thanks Old Man, I just saw your reply. I really appreciate it. It took me a while to figure out that there was an inbox I could find messages. All this new technology is starting to pass me up. I will keep you posted on what's going on with the instrument and especially findings from the wood. Someone named Fisheye is sending a piece that has some tar..... we hope. I will keep an eye out for the package. Today is July 9th, so I imagine it will be here soon.

    Best wishes,
    Jake, I'll get it out on Monday. Don't worry about the cost, I'm sure it isn't much. Just keep me updated on your work, it sounds interesting.

    Old Man ( Ed K. )
    Hello Ed, I talked with our lead science guy and he said "Yes." He can use a sample of your plank for a baseline study of period wood. That will help define the signature of the wood with tar pitch when we find a piece. We will only need a 2cm cubic piece, roughly 1 inch square for the testing. I really appreciate your offer. My address is: Jake Brouwer, Land-Sea Discovery Group, PO Box 401904 Hesperia, Ca. If you like I can paypal you some funds for shipping, or send you a check or ?? once the wood arrives. Sincerly, Jake
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