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  1. 1888 V Nickel and other noteworthy finds from an old home site in forest

    Nice hunt Crusader! Definitely some old areas around Peoria ,just have to know where to look . Happy Hunting
  2. old button or horse tack decoration?

    Thanks creskol ! That's crazy. The lock plates themselves amazed me alone . Being in central Illinois and as a remote area as this was ,it really makes one wonder who left these behind . Happy hunting!
  3. old button or horse tack decoration?

    Found today in the same area as rifle lock plates and a 1849 large cent. About a inch in diameter and made of lead or white metal. Can anyone help date or tell me if it is indeed a button?
  4. Where are you from ? ( in Illinois )

    Fulton county, between Fairview and London Mills

    Welcome and I know you will be addicted in no time. Patience and research are key to getting the most out of this hobby!
  6. Unusual weekend find

    Went back to same area that I found 1849 large cent and musket rifle side plates and found this shield shaped lead piece. The back has area that to me looks like a pin backing. Assume to be lead as is heavy for it’s size. A real head scratcher.
  7. Today's finds

    Definitely, on the same farm property. Just weird because there was never a house in this area, but did find charred wood in the holes and the site was at the bottom of a wide creek bottom . The identified side plate was in the same hole as the 1849 coin. Will be going back soon.
  8. Today's finds

    Mystery flat pieces Solved! Thanks to a co- worker and fellow detector and his contacts , the consensus is these are side plates to flintlock rifles !!!
  9. Today's finds

    Not a bad day .got a bucket lister and a couple old flat buttons. Not sure what the brass flat pieces are, but they are brass and found 1/4 mile away from each other ! Any idea out there?
  10. Rate Your Marriage!

    30 years this November and dated two years in high school. Could not imagine life without her. I tow the line with detecting sometimes but she knows it's a passion . Two beautiful and talented girls . I could not ask for more.
  11. TODAY a different Baseball field complex in a different County - Coins & .925 RING

    Nice hunt ! Congrats as it is still frozen up here in the land of lincoln. Really looking forward to the thaw.. have to get together sometime. RDB
  12. TODAY a different Baseball field complex in a different County - Coins & .925 RING

    Well done and congrats from fulton county illinois, the old stomping grounds are still frozen, but can't wait till it thaws out. Have to set something up sometime. RDB