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  1. Downloading Legend 1.08 update

    here Features Package Contents Search Coils Accessories Downloads Software Update Specifications Software Update Important! Operating systems: Windows, MacOS If you experience any issues opening the setup file, please disable all anti-virus programs on your PC. The latest update includes all...
  2. Downloading Legend 1.08 update

    here you go update for Legend Software Update (2022.07.12): System Software V1.09 Download: System Software V1.09 (Windows) Download: System Software V1.09 (MacOS)
  3. Three-hour hunt today with V1.08 👍

    It is that the ground I detect is not easy, a good ground balance is difficult to achieve and critical to getting a detector to run stable, the mineralization I encounter it is almost impossible for a detector to see much over 5 inches of depth, that is why most of the time I am running a PI...
  4. Three-hour hunt today with V1.08 👍

    I agree with what you are saying with the IF setting but in my case I cannot run the IF setting at 1 simply because there is to much magnetite in the ground I detect it is like you are trying to detect over a big metal plate, if you have not yet activated the mineralization meter I suggest you...
  5. Possible solution for the legend updating problems.

    the information you provided is rite on the Nokta/Macro website on the Legend page I will tell you that that driver is not the only issues when trying to update the Legend I had everything correct in my PCs including the Drivers you suggest, it still took me 17 hours to get it to install and...
  6. poll for Legend Users

    sent you a PM Calabash
  7. poll for Legend Users

    I heard that maybe you can clear something up for me that is confusing the crap out of me, on the Ground balance can I PM you
  8. poll for Legend Users

    Thanks for the reply Sandog I am not saying that to high of volume is what is causing the speakers to go at all just that it is a possibility that it is the cause, like I stated I have talked to a few that have had speaker issues all but two stated they were running their volume level at 6...
  9. poll for Legend Users

    there has been several reports of speaker issues with the Legend, I myself have not had any issues with the speakers on mine or my wife's Legend I would like to start a poll for as follows #1-How many have had issues with their speaker going out #2- at what volume level 1 being the lowest...
  10. Metal Detecting for the Obese

    what part of southern Az are you in I am in the Oracle Area now temps have been nice here where I am 76 yesterday
  11. Figured out why I wasn't thrilled with the Legend, ... the Simplex ruined everything

    Your post tells me just how great of a detector the Simplex truly is, I think its great even though I own both the Legend and the Simplex also I love both of them that simplex amazes me every time my grandson and I goes out to detect together he takes his simplex that I purchased for him for a...
  12. Simplex question

    yes it could very well come up in those numbers because of the size and shape it could mimic a large silver coin, and you have to dig those numbers because it could be a big silver coin, 2 feet deep is a little hard to fathom and numbers at that depth, I know the Simplex is a great detector, but...
  13. Forum For The New Legend

    where do you get the vinyl and is it a sticky backed vinyl
  14. Forum For The New Legend

    I like those what did you use Sanddog they look nice the yellow around all the buttons really make them stand out with the white in the recessed areas of the buttons
  15. What a nightmare

    Dilek also stated on a live video there will be a few things like threshold in the next update, or possibly a seperate update but she was not sure which but the next huge update Nokta/Macro is thinking about letting all of us that have purchased the Legend test and report back on, and then put...