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  1. Rock and Fiberglass! Don't mix

    Not everyone should be able to buy a boat! Photo taken at Clinton IA. N
  2. Pilothouse view of Red Wing Mn.

    Run from Belmont point north@ Upper Miss, Ohio and Illinois rivers
  3. Pilothouse view of Red Wing Mn.

    Fuel consumption depends alot on how fast the river current is! But typically we burn about a third going with the flow compared to shoving against it average 2800 gal. A day going up! Average around 5 to 7 mph. And average depth 10 to 12' mid channel with the Boat draft of 9.6' barges carry...
  4. Pilothouse view of Red Wing Mn.

    High over the slip at Winona! After 47 years of piloting towboats on the Upper Miss. Not many places that can't recognize at water level that is ! LOL
  5. Pilothouse view of Red Wing Mn.

    Sometimes I'm happy to make it through this section of river on a week day!!!!
  6. Hit the old general store site with Deus 2

    I feel that it is to early for me to make a judgment on which machine is better than the other, I purchased my T2 when they first came out and put in 100s of hours with it!Still love it ! So far I've hunted less than 20 with the D2 , but I will say that on sites I've hunted for years I'm making...
  7. First half dime!

    Congratulations on the half dime they are hard to come by! A few years back I hit a field that produced 6 half dimes in 1 hunt 2 1854 and 4 1856
  8. Last hunt before planting fields!

    Looked it up and found that it is a paper weight made in the 1920s
  9. Last hunt before planting fields!

    NsGot in a last hunt before farmer was to plant corn! Large Lincoln piece was a surface find! Other coins were 2 crispy wheats and a V nickle , watch winding key and military button
  10. ✅ SOLVED Button ?

    A friend of mine sent this to me trying to figure out if this is some kind of a button or exactly what it is ! It's about the size of a US quarter, anyone ever find or seen one?
  11. Hit the old general store site with Deus 2

    Tried out my new Deus 2 on the old General store site that I've hunted with my Teknetics 2 for the last 4 or 5 years , no silver this time but I did good on coppers 2 Indians⁷ 1893 and 1906 also recovered 7 early Wheaties! ❤️ this machine so far!
  12. ✅ SOLVED Need help IDing brass item!

    I live in a area that has little or no cell service and it takes forever to down load 1 picture at times!
  13. ✅ SOLVED Need help IDing brass item!

    Found this at an old home site I was searching , it's made of solid brass and looked to have had traces of red paint on it!