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  1. New from Minelab

    The oldest detector Minelab still sells is the Excalibur. I just wish this new detector would have been made with a deeper waterproof depth rating.

    I'm disappointed they didn't make it waterproof to at least 30 meters instead of only 5.
  3. New from Minelab

    Is this it?
  4. New from Minelab

    Seeing some speculation that it might be called Manticore.
  5. New from Minelab

    So, who's got info on this? (zoom in on the pic and you can get a little peek)
  6. Does Anyone Enjoy Model Rocketry?

    I like to trade off rocketery and u-control, control line model airplanes.
  7. Well and legend users have opinions yet, or xp deus 2

    I'm watching out for both of them too. There's lots of opinions being shared but so far most seem to be from company spokepeople. But, Paystreak Superfreak (youtube) has both now so I'm interested to see what he comes up with.
  8. Legend Enroute

    I didn't talk to him. Just got my shipping notification.
  9. Legend Enroute

    Just got my email from Bart at Big Boys Hobbies. My Legend has shipped. Looking out for the big brown truck this week. Thanks Bart.
  10. Carry bag or case

    What is the best case or carry bag for the Equinox? Should I just get the black minelab bag?
  11. Any D.B. Cooper sleuths here?

    He did complete the jump. He did survive. His real name was McCoy.
  12. Nokta Makro Legend

    As far as I know. They decided to make some unexpected improvements before shipping. None have been shipped yet.
  13. New to Nox

    I hope it works out good. I'll say this, I just put it together and have it charging. To me, it doesn't feel wobbly or overly weak.
  14. Warranty Registration

    Is that the control pod s/n or the coil s/n?