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  1. post did not post --- longer coil cable

    need advice about extending the cable to the coil so I can get a better reading. A well drill hole 8 inches in diameter has interesting pictures & a wand type all metal detector sounds off in 2 spots. Want more input since is hard rock & quite a challenge to move. wondering about voltage loss...
  2. extend the coil cord ??

    O.K. Please a few of you tell me your experiences / recommendations . The object is to put the coil about 20 feet down a well hole to see if the readout says anything promising. The drill hole is 8 inches in diameter. Pictures show interesting colors. All metal cheap wand sounds off at 2...
  3. dielectric grease ,yes or no

    I have wondered if dielectric grease conducts electric current too. Guess I'll set ohms on a meter & see if get any reading. Main comment to this thread is when I worked around Florida Power & Light the linemen would use it on the ends that plugged into the transformers of residential...
  4. Blue Clay / Sandy Gravel Assay Results

    The gold probably is in the gravels/sands as previously said. search for richest deposit or just stockpile like you said for kinfolks to process. You may be missing the money by ignoring the clay. Firebrick clay cannot have any impurities. Historically, an earthenware clay deposit near...
  5. The Dakota Boys are back on GoldRush

    here's a prediction. once the Hurts have the plunge pool down to bedrock or at least before the seasons' departure; cable tie a few (properly lapped ) gravel screens to cover the pool & hopefully the incoming BIG rocks can roll on down hill & only the finer material will GRIZZLEY into the...
  6. Finishing/ proccessing powdered ore

    check out "lil gold spinner; ask factory if they have sold one nearby; maybe the owner would let you run a bucket or 2 through it to see if it will do the job.
  7. cracking a quartz vein

    call Dexpan & inquire about temperature range. They didn't inform me & ended up costing $ & still didn't get the temp I needed. was 3 temps available. there are other brands; to shop prices. properly done it should work overnight. My attempt w/ wrong temp mix took 1 1/2 weeks.
  8. Finishing/ proccessing powdered ore

    are you sure there is anything heavy in the powder? check youtube for how to pan really fine gold. maybe try to find a table owner you can access on a 1 shot trial.
  9. Treasure Hunting in Western NC prices may be cheaper than you think. also some local utilities have equipment or at least info. If you are into dowsing maybe a "witch " can help. Slide Hammer probe - 1/2 or 5/8" cold roll steel; sharpened one end; top end weld round washer; surround that with a pipe...
  10. Nonexplosive rock cracking compound

    my experience with DEXPAN is they don't tell you there are 3 temperature grades; depends on your environment; hot weather, cool weather, etc. It does set hard and people say it works fine. In my case, wrong temp grade, wasted effort.
  11. Ochola issue order of ruling

    Would now be the time to request presence of a US Marshall & go dredging > prepared with supporting documents > & pre-informed Us Marshall.?? I know construction companies "rent a cop" for their just being there for traffic safety reasons. Maybe a crazy, irate prospector could move Feds to be...
  12. Duckys Thread - Georgia Panning and Prospecting.

    for a dam try using 3 plastic shopping bags filled with sand. they do bio-degrade in time and filled 1/2 way make a decent retention dam. Don't forget the lower end of the sluice must be above water for it to work ( you knew that ! )
  13. One way to find the Mother Lode

    a side item regarding manganese I was once told by a major scrap dealer he had to bury all the tracks & pads of big cranes 'cause there was o market for manganese scrap. that was in the late '70's Just maybe 5 years ago they could now process that type scrap and at $0.05 a lb...
  14. Whatcha Think?

    I hear tell the gangue got put into the abandoned/worked out spaces to avoid having to get it to the surface - - - but you already knew that. Seems like I heard also that biological traps - - such as anthrax spores or whatever else you can think of - - could have been left behind
  15. need to break rock ( ezebreak Micro-Blaster ?? )

    Hello, Figured members reading here might not be reading the classifieds. Anyone with info/experience with Micro-Blaster or Ezebreak ? I know about Dexpan. Just beginning to research this method. Will be looking for original cost, possible demo/rental of...