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  1. Surface find

    Here is the find
  2. Surface find

  3. Surface find

  4. Surface find

    Victorian pencil head
  5. Surface find

    Victorian pencil head
  6. Heel plate?

  7. Heel plate?

  8. Heel plate?

  9. Heel plate?

    Can't find the same one. I think it is brass.
  10. 1999 P nickel

    It look like a double die to me. You can go to the NGC site now to compare your finds now. YouTube video also. A Coin store can help you too.
  11. 1999 P nickel

  12. 1982 D Quarter

  13. 1854 Seated Liberty half dollar

    Congratulations on a beautiful silver! Would love to find one of those.
  14. New Guy From Wisconsin

    Welcome! I live in Hales corners Wi.
  15. Detecting spot

    I love doing this. I have even found a 20 dollar bill floating towards a drain I had to save. Lol. I was told once that I couldn't do detecting at the mall. That bite more than the cold. Found a lot of coin before that. If there to much snow. They have to haul it away. Follow the trucks. A lot...