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  1. For Sale: Two Treasure Related Books.

    Two books, one price. Asking $20.00 shipped for both books. Paypal prefered. Both books in near mint condition. Just dont need them.
  2. New to Lake Ozark area, any one want to meet for coffee day? Need a partner

    Ok, here it is, I like long walks on the beach, good books, quiet music, candles, leather face mask with feathersss.... Never mind, wrong sight. Retired Army guy who recently moved to the Lake Ozark area and am looking for dstecting friends. Springfield has a club, but a bit too far to drive...
  3. Original, first printing. Guide To Treasure In Tennessee

    Not as active as I would hope to be, and recently relocated to Lake Ozark, MO. If anyone needs a partner. Getting rid of some books that I have duplicate s of. Guide To Treasure in Tennessee, ISBN 0941620 04 2, 1987 Edition. Not in perfect condition, cover and back still nice and shiney...
  4. 💵 FOR SALE FS/FT: 19 issues of "Old Bottle Magazine" from 1978 and 1979

    I am a collector of books, both hard copy and digital. I have 19 issues of "Old Bottle Magazine" that were converted from hard copy to digital PDF format. 19 issues on CD. $10.00 shipped
  5. Not new, but have been gone for awhile

    Just wanted to say hello, I have not been on here for awhile. Looking forward to getting back out there. Central Missouri (Fort Leonard Wood area)
  6. Todays find, Antique Store

    Re: Today's find, Antique Store Yea most of those who survived the child labor days, later became Marines. Just kidding, thanks for your service.
  7. Todays find, Antique Store

    Re: Today's find, Antique Store Deffinantly a different time in history. The report on the 10 year old getting killed, stated that poverty was not an issue and that the boy should have been at school and not working in the mine. Sad but I guess a way of life back then.
  8. Todays find, Antique Store

    Today's find, Antique Store Picked up a book this morning, "Reports of the Inspectors of Mines of the Anthracite Coal Regions of Pennsylvania, for the Year 1879" It was an old library reference book. Original book with all the pages and maps and drawings. I have been looking on the net for it...
  9. Fort Polk Area, anyone want to let a retired Army guy tang a long

    Retired Army guy here (not old and retired, just retired) currently living in Missouri but headed to Fort Polk for a job. I will be there about 2 weeks and may be able to get away from the training to do some detecting. Anyone want to meet, have some coffee and let me tag a long on a hunt...
  10. Whites 5000D Model 2

    Whites 5000/D Coinmaster 2. Looks to be in pretty good shape, nothing broken or missing, paint is not all chipped up and he is asking $100.00 firm. I have a Whites 4900 DLPro that has served me very well, but I have never used the 5000. Is this a good buy for a working detector for back-up or...
  11. Start the new year in Central Missouri

    I live outside of Fort Leonard Wood, looking to get out and hunt in this general area. Anyone in the Rolla, Lebanon area?
  12. 1925 re-issue of a 1916 geological survey map, Vintage Casco Bay, ME

    I acquired a large map holder at a local antique dealer, In the book were several of the maps mentioned. I currently have one up on Ebay, and I will leave it there, but I have a few more that are available to trade other maps for or you can just ask me to zoom in on a section of the map and send...
  13. looking for prisoner of war camps texas 1943

    When I was stationed at Fort Sill, we went to a place called Pay Mayes Lake, up near Paris Texas. The area was once a National Guard base, and they had german pow camps located there. All that was left was the foundations. Hope it helps a little. Whatch out for UXO (dud bombs) in the area...
  14. 4900D PRO PLUS question

    I love the 4900, since it was my first real introduction to metal detecting. I bought one when I was stationed in germany, and found a ton of coins and military relics. It was a great coin finder and I'm thinking of bringing mine back out.
  15. Basic service on 4900/DL Max

    I have a 4900/ DL Max that I bought in 1993. Has been a great detector, used it for 3 years in Germany. It has not been used in about 4 years, started using an Ace 250. I want to use it again, but want to have it checked and serviced. Is it worth paying to have it serviced (shipping and such)...