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  • Hi,

    Just wanted to say howdy when I saw link to your shop on etsy. I too have a shop there. Brand new to detecting but I am really enjoying it so far. Hope you're having a great week.

    Hey Cat - Doing my research on laws in Florida - I keep reading that NO ONE can hunt ANY water in Florida without a permit or license. Is this true? I know you hunt the beaches / water down there by Hollywood - Please let me know if you have any problems or what the actual laws are. Thank You!!! BTW - is this you? <----Scroll down the page about half way and check out "thrillathhunts" post. Take Care!
    I'm safe! Tried to send nthis message earlier but computor would not cooperate. Terry
    Hmmm, I saw your message... then it wasn't there... now it is there again. Good to hear from you! And tnx!! Terry
    Ok, Patsy. The package is on the way! I will send you a LONGER description of what is in there when I have a little more time. For now, you are getting 1/10th ounce of AZ gold, a COLUMBIA patch, a small flag that flew on SPACELAB, a Spacelab patch, one of my uniform patches (Kennedy Space Center/Cape Canaveral Air Force Station). I did not send any note but will explain more tonight. Enjoy! Terry
    thanks will trymaybe later. have no experience with computers spend all of my time out to sea. tried emailing them directly 2 treasure net but no luck.
    thanks 4 hit n me back! got some pictures of a wreck in bahamas but have problems posting it 2 my page . can you help ?
    Hi Pat I seen your profile and thought what a cool girl, treasure hunter and likes cats! I have four of my own "fur babies". Do you metal detect alot? what kind of detector do you use?
    can't wait to see you too and look for jewels and treasures. keep the emails cumming. send me some pics of you too, metal detecting, or whatever.
    Spart buddy, I is always round, abouts, or near bys, need coordinates? LOL! Thank for checking in and always stay in touch! :hello: You too diggndumps, you my favorite hood hamsta! LOL! Hey to all, too!
    Life is changing fast and I gots on my sneakers! Well keep you updated! Keeps having funs! :cat:
    Just checking to see if you're still round and about :laughing7:

    Hope all is well, I finally got a job, long hours, working nights, low pay... But still better than nothing :laughing9:

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