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  • Fellow Washington Dredger:
    I've just purchased my first real dredge. (Have owned a highbanker combo for almost 20 years). I'd love to get a chance to go out to the same area with another dredger just to be able to have someone more experienced around should we have questions. I'd love to really see how its done. (youtube videos only go so far). Let me know if you're interested, and what your plans for this season are.
    Hello Paul!

    I just joined and saw that your not too far from me. I'm in south central WA (Richland). I want to take my son out panning this year, but I'm concerned about panning in the right areas. Not necessarily where gold IS but not to pan on someone's claim or just an off limits area. Do have links to where I can get a better idea of places to go?

    Also, I met a guy who works for blm. Used to be the in position to approve mining claims. He says he thinks there's gold in Richland.... Definitely in Prosser. What do you think?

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