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  • John was A friend to all and will be terribly missed. I know he’ll Keep searching for that great ship up in the sky-and, I know he will find it. Miss you buddy.
    Hi PLL,
    I was looking on google map and at 35'24'55N 117 47'W There seems to be what looks like the remains of an old town or very spread out homestead site. The place is north of the g/t of Garlock. The strange thing is I dont see any roads or trails going into or out of the site. I would post the view of the map to you but im not sure how to do that. anyway if you get a chance to look, let me know what you think. Vince in so cal
    Hi PLL, are you still up for a run to Borrego to look for the Black Gold? I have a 4x4
    Have to go when it cools down could meet up with Gollum? I have ridden my dirt bike all over down there but should have been looking for the black stuff as well.
    Best..Steve/scout in Gavilan Hills/Perris
    Just wanted to say hi to a fellow Reche Canyon resident. I was just reading where the old ferndale schoolhouse used to be and came across this site. Anyway, my name is Rhonda. Send me a note back if you want, otherwise happy hunting.
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