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  • When ever you are ready to dig or go out to the site,let me know.
    But put in a PM instead of posting it here as a message on my profile page.I dont recieve notifications from here.
    Hello, Yeah long time we spoke. I been crazy with work! Yeah that sounds pretty good. I am interested in seeing the maps. I been reading on some of your posts last week when I had a little time to get here and read up on some things. You have agood point in your last postings that I read on the Peralta Mines. Do you know of definite that there is still something in the mines?

    Looking forward to it!
    Well Hello Peralta, tx 4 the luck, can we maybe debate on this?, tx, Q: 1. you say u have located all the mines, but that doesn't mean u been in all of them or does that means u have been in the Peratla's 1847 Sombrero mine before 2006. Q: 2. do u have any pictures of maybe lets say any of the 1847 mines? I know of 4 of them, I have pic's of the outside of the mine and pic's of the rock formations mention on the stone maps :), ( I'll show pic's here once I learn how 2 use this media). Q: 3. are ready for a trial walk, 2 1/2hr walk to mine 1hr sit,lunch, and talk, 2 1/2 hrs back to parking, r u interested? Q: 4. do u have a pic of the 1847 mine window or Priest? , I got pic of someone at the window of the 1847 Sombrero mine. here's my email stemcellnutritions@yahoo.com and I'll send it for sure. well lookinf forward 2 next conversation :) JMM
    I will help take it out.
    I dont have a jeep as i sold it.
    But i can come up with any jeep or truck you need if it came to it.
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