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  • It is literally a new machine. I would like to know how we can trade. It will have the stock 10" DD, 2 AA battery units, someone stole my rechargeable pack last October at our clubs open hunt.and the wireless headphones. I haven't used it more than 4 times since I got it back. I have been using my DFX and Spectrum mainly. Anyway email me back at Coinhunter@Charter.net and lets talk trade. By the way I hate the telephone, but I will call and talk to you if we work out a trade. Where were you stationed? I can send pictures.
    Hey, my brother Mike Burnett (DadBRio) just ordered a Etrac from you yesterday. I had been planning on ordering one also but he sprung the deal on me so quick I didn't have time to get my finances worked out. I just don't have the ability to pull XXXX from a savings account and go purchase stuff like he does. Anyway he said you were open to trades and because of that we might be able to work a deal. I have a V3i fresh back from the factory with all new insides and coil. Ken White himself handled the refit. He responded to an inquiry I made through a friend about a concern. Anyway they replaced the coil, main board, head unit, screen, & gave it a complete going over. The only parts not replaced were the rod, cuff, box, and the foam grip.
    hi, I am looking for a 5 inch coil for my delta 4000, do you have any available and how much thanks.....chuck
    Hey, my brother is wanting a Minelab Safari, didn't know if you had any and what would you want for them and would it come with accesories?
    Just wanted to thank you for a smooth transaction on the F75! 5 by 5 on the entire deal. I am pleased in every way
    Since I am not a charter member I am blocked from posting this in the "sale " section
    feel free to paste this with your next or future listing.
    Hope to work with you again
    I am interested in purchasing the CTX 3030.
    How much warranty is left on it.
    What all comes with it.
    As I live in Hawaii, I will pay extra cost of shipping there, UPS priority mail with insurance is approx. $70.00
    Do you have original shipping boxes
    Sir Gala Clad sends.
    Any interest in splitting the 12 inch coil off of your CZ deal? Let me know if you want to and what you want. My cell is 765-717-5662. I probably could get it picked up in Louisville if that would help.

    Thanks, Don
    Lol. Sorry man. I posted on your banner find. Thought you were a different person. I seen where you lived in Louisville and I thought it was a different person. I will let you know when I get time to make a da of it. It's just ha right now with two kids and my wife planning Tupperware parties lol. See ya around man. Hope ya hit banner again soon
    What is your you tube channel called? Just got a new ctx and want to watch your vids. Thanks for your service, I'm retired Air Force.
    Petrie I am an xp dealer here in Southeast Texas i can get you a new xp deus for 1400.00 this is about what the used ones are selling for with the wireless backphones or around 1575.00 for the option of the WS% full wireless headphones.
    Hi Petrie502! Forgive me if I screw this up. I'm sort of a newbie to the site. I have been detecting for about 4 years now on and off, but have now become addicted to it! It's all I talk about, think about, and dream about. While I still consider myself as an amature I am interested in learning more about this hobby/obsession! Are you in Warren County, KY or near here? As far as I know there isn't anyone here locally that maybe in a club or whatever; however, I am interested in joining a club if there is one around here.
    Anyway... I would still like to add you as a friend for some serious metal detecting discussions. Please let me know if that is a possibility!

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