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  • The cat is a stray...Ocacat is what people here have told me (pics and comments in Daily Pics forum)....I'm on The Bruce it if you like, not far from U.S. border middle of the Great Lakes.
    I never really look to see who is on or off to be honest with you.Sometimes I just pop in for a look to see what people are finding. This IS a metal detecting site,remember? Lol!
    Yeah must be... kidding! I wrote you back he other day but you never me answered me back,thought maybe yo got sent to Banned Camp again,ol.
    No but I've tried to get him to join. I'm always showing him posts here and he knows some of the guys who know other guys that go to Civil War shows here,in Georgia,and in Virginia.Yes he found the bullets and various items.They're few and far between here unless you study it really well and he doesn't.
    Kentucky is not too fer( far) but I'm not sure my husband has the fortitude to wrassle him,lol.
    Very cute! Not as cute as Turtleman though. He is starting to grow on me( like a wart maybe)
    I like Beebs in the I wanna slap the cuteness out of him kind of way,lol.Both my mom and my dad have always been really healthy and I think that has helped them beat some stuff that gets others down.i'm glad your wife is feeling better and can put this behind her one day. She needs to be able to keep you in check.:occasion14:
    I haven't been on much lately,too much yard work,ugh! Dad has been having some really good days lately,then he'll hit a slump but is on the up and up.Thanks for asking.How is the Mrs.?
    Yup been busy putting down pine straw bales and edging in our yard,too whooped too do much of anything but read.Hope you had fun in WV.No sign of her yet as far as I can tell.
    Well I finally saw the x rated relic and I didn't even need smelling salts or get the vapors,lol!
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