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  1. Two unknown objects need help with id!!

    The second one looks like a suspender clasp.
  2. Anyone near Orangeburg, SC

    Bamberg here until early Dec.
  3. Money paper and Reales during the Old West

    I'm no expert on paper money, but I had a long conversation with the owner of a coin shop in Glendale, CA about 15 years ago that ended up including this subject, along with others. He said there was very little paper money in the West back then for several reasons. First, was, the metal...
  4. HUGE BUTTON NEEDS ID, found next to South Carolina cuff

    I've just finished looking at thousands of photos of Scoville Waterbury buttons....they were a large contractor for all branches of the military, private schools, military schools as well as municipal fire departments and private companies. What yours is I can't say...what I can say is it's...
  5. Confirmation Please!

    Kinda hard to tell without a photo.
  6. National Park Service laying in wait for relic hunters

    Back in the late 80's I was running a hotel in Hollywood and had provided a suite to the DEA so they could do surveillance on a place across the street. One night will chatting and killing time we were talking about how this was likely his last hurrah as he had his time in and was retiring. I...
  7. This is now a trend

    I've been following this and find it very troublesome. Most knew that the dollar was doomed as the reserve currency for the future because of all the developing nations. The rest of the world pays more for almost everything than we do because the dollar has been the settlement currency. This is...
  8. Gold Ring Help

    It looks like it's probably SMco a mark indicating Souviner Mfg Co. Here's the link English silver hallmarks: British maker's marks identification SJ-SR. It appears to be from the 1920's.
  9. The Greatest Pain********

    While I have a very high pain threshold, two occassions really tested it. First was when I was in a fight in the basement of the pharmacy I worked at...the other guy threw a glass of "concentrated" ammonia in my face. This wasn't the dilluted stuff you buy in the grocery store...this...
  10. When did people start saving/keeping their silver coins 1965

    I was late teens during that time. My mother owned a number of hair salons and came across a lot of silver. I don't remember anyone dealing in hoards of silver. In my mothers case, she only saved silver dollars and half dollars. The action you describe was more with the Silver Certificates. As I...
  11. Anyone up for a treasure hunt near Hemet area?

    If you're relic hunting or looking for old the old Butterfield Stage Line northwest of Jullian. You can also locate the old stage station out there.
  12. Shopping for begginer detector

    I can't recall now if it's the Coinmaster Pro or GT that is the latest one. The latest one has exactly the same specs as the Prizim 6T which includes a "Beach Mode". I have the 6T and took it 2 weeks ago to the So. Cal beach and it did much better than I expected. It doesn't do well crossing...
  13. Somewhat thicker Cob found today. Any ideas on age?

    Grizlee...they're Spanish coins that were much more crudely made than the later Reale. Many were cut as a way of "making change" depending on how much was cut depended on whether it was a "two-bit", "four-bit, "six-bits" piece. Here's a primer on them.... Spanish Colonial Cobs: Introduction
  14. How productive are old ball fields?

    I think it would be a great hunting. A lot of money may not have changed hands simply because people didn't have a lot of money in those days, but what they did have was "silver". It's also likely jewelry was lost and other items of either monetary or historical value. I located a similar field...
  15. Bucket List anyone?

    Yes I was at the right place and time. I've always lived every minute of my life as though it were going to be my last which is probably why I don't have a bucket list.