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  1. What does a pot sobriety test look like?

    The Twinkie test........................"You can have a Twinkie or go to jail". If they have to think about it........FAIL.
  2. WE FIND GOLD! Bring in the BIG GUNS! Colorado Gold Dredging

    Move upstream 20 feet, and closer to the bank.
  3. Family dies in Mariposa county due to possible mineshaft gasses

    "Autopsies performed on the family and a dog necropsy were deemed inconclusive. Investigators have worked with toxicologists, environmental specialists and other experts." "This is, again, an unfortunate and tragic event due to the weather," he said. "Heat-related deaths are extremely difficult...
  4. Family dies in Mariposa county due to possible mineshaft gasses

    The dog died next to them. The official explanation doesn't add up.
  5. Atocha coin. Real coin? Or replica?

    "There were 4 emeralds on the corners. I had them removed." If it is from the Atocha...............OUCH!
  6. A 1.1 Billion dollar treasure legend in the making.

    "Investigators are still searching for the stolen artifacts, prosecutors said" Who wants to go on a treasure hunt?
  7. Egyptian Treasure in the Grand Canyon?

    Do your research when it pertains to old newspaper articles. The old printing presses required exact spacing to fit on the page, so they frequently wrote fantasy articles disguised at truth to fill in blank spaces. Then again, DNA proves the aboriginal people of Australia are originally from...
  8. Museum Curator joins this site.

    A reply 6 years later? Better late than never. LOL
  9. Heads Up - IRS Reporting Threshold for Online Platforms Drops to $600 Nationwide

    Now we know what "TAX THE RICH" really means.
  10. Lot 2465: John Wayne's Colt Single Action Army Revolver

    If I had the money, I would write that check without a second thought.
  11. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Does these symbols on the tombstone mean something ?

    Yep. The symbol to the right represents the Royal Arch, which means he presided over a lodge. And at the bottom, the eight steps means he was a Master Mason of Swedish or Scottish descent.
  12. American Gold: The Legend of Bear Gulch

    Anybody else watching this series? It's on Wednesday night on Fox Business. So far I am really enjoying the show.
  13. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Does these symbols on the tombstone mean something ?

    It represents the steps to freemasonry.
  14. Evil black rifles.......

    If they are broke, just put a "Gun Free Zone" sign on your neighbors lawn...................You will be fine. LOL
  15. Evil black rifles.......

    Be sure to keep them in a safe with trigger locks. Rumor has it those evil black rifles have a bad habit of jumping up all by themselves and shooting people.