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  • you still around on here? im still down in canon. if you ever want to get out and do some dirt fishin let me know. :) Chris
    Hey Pistol Pete, I am Chase2 just north of you in the town of Fairplay. Just want to say Hey from a fellow neighbor.
    Hi Never found much of value around Rosita, three coins in the 1860's and a million cartridge cases. If you'd like to come up sometime, let me know??
    I've been trying to find Rosita for a while. Been detecting in the area, mostly silverclift. Been wanting to clean the culvert pipes on the road from Canyon City to Silverclift. (only been on that road once, in the car with no equipment). Still, a little bit of a drive to get there for me
    I all,New to Treasurenet. I've been collecting cartridges and older guns for 63 years. I'll never be an expert but have a great knowledge of old American cartridges etc. Started Metel detecting with a Garrett Hunter in 1964. Recently moved close to old mining camp of Rosita , CO. where I have only two coins, but thousands of old cartridge cases. Everything from 22 Shorts to 56-52 Spencers, even a Westly Richards No. 1 Musket ctg.. Lots of suspender Buckles/braces and all sort of interesting trinkets. Will try to help where I can. Best Wishes
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