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  1. Sterling Salt Shaker!!!! Wow! Another First!!!

    great finds gives me hope of finding more good stuff thanks for sharing
  2. Silver coin

    cool find nice job and silver to
  3. 🥇 BANNER My First US Gold Coin!

    wow that is a great find I can't wait for my first gold coin
  4. if you believe in ghosts

    Damn Terry I had just left Germany in 75 I had lived in a haunted house for 5 years I only heard the ghosts but other people in my family saw it. I could not turn the light on in my room without get a shock every time the electrician could find no problems with wiring or switch and I was the...
  5. went out today first time in awhile

    wow new format here is hard to navigate never found where to post my message. So I got up this morning and saw on the news that a tornado touched down on long island ny. had only about 5 hours of sleep and checked the tide chart and found I could make low tide. I went out and found these coins...
  6. went out today first time in awhile

  7. 🥇 BANNER Still Shaking! Found a few Morgan Silver Dollars

    Wow Terry I am still excited for you I can't wait for the snow and ground to thaw so we can go out again great find my friend
  8. 🥇 BANNER Still Shaking! Found a few Morgan Silver Dollars

    Wow Terry Thats the best news I have had in weeks, love it. I was so happy for you I called my wife over to the couch I sit on just to show her the pictures you sent me, lol before I called to congratulate you. Man I am stoked you have been on a streak of silver and you deserve this super...
  9. Secrets of the Dead: Gangster's Gold Dutch Shultz's Lost Treasure

    damn reading xray wolf's reply and I am trying to kill a bug on my I have been wanting to look for the treasure for about 2 years. Story is that Dutch didn't die right away and was in the hospital with FBI agents and a stenographer but was mumbling about the treasure in Phoenicia...
  10. spent an hour today

    I get it Baltimore Maryland......Love it nice play on words lol
  11. spent an hour today

    went to a local park for an hour today found 63 cents in clad and what I thought was part of a cigar canister but looking at it later I think it's a ring
  12. More Silver, Wheaties, and a Mexican Coin!

    way to go Terry I see you found the lost dime ...lot's of fun good finds and friends Thanks Terry....I am going to reset my machine to factory settings today and hit a park...will call in a few to see if you want to join me....
  13. Old Ring Found On Beach

    just watched oak island last night love the show nice find maybe it was from the knights congrats
  14. Lincoln Cent OFF CENTER!

    I do think it's way cool would definitely buy it myself
  15. Lincoln Cent OFF CENTER!

    I guess it's worth $12........Lol did the detector give you a strong signal what number came up...19-20