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  1. What Inspired you to Metal Detect?

    I remember detecting when I was 4 years old with my father. Had to be around 1977-78. We detected a few times and never found more than a few wheat cents but it is the few memories I have of him spending time with me. I occasionally would purchase a treasure magazine here and there and then in...
  2. What do you DIS-like about your TRX?

    I dislike that it sometimes goes crazy and I have to restart it and it isn’t fully waterproof. The other thing is that you can’t find them anymore!
  3. DetectorPro Land Or Sea PinPointer

    Has anyone had experience with this pinpointer? What are your thoughts; pros, cons?
  4. Tesoro Mods??

    I’m probably the same sound wise. I had a XP Deus twice and currently have a Makro Anfibio. I have a hard time with the tones and my head hurts after a few hours of using them. I recently watched a video by Calabash Digger and he calls the Deus tones as being “sparky” and he doesn’t like it as...
  5. Wanted Tesoro Compadre for 11 year old

    I would recommend a Cibola or Silver Umax or one of the older models too. Given a choice, the Cibola is more versatile and just as simple to use/set up and light weight. You can also supertune it and get pretty deep with them.
  6. Tesoro Mods??

    Does anyone know if there is anyone in the US that will still perform mods on Tesoro machines? I’m thinking high-tone, pinpoint, gb, etc.?
  7. ❎ SOLD Headphones for sale

    I sold the Vancos. I’m willing to part with the other 3 sets for $40which includes shipping.
  8. 💵 FOR SALE Large Minelab Detector Bag

    The dimensions are approximately 50” long x 16 1/2” high. It is designed to fit the CTX.
  9. ❎ SOLD CTX Akaline Battery Pack

    Used in new condition. $40 shipped in the US.
  10. CTX3030 Detector Cover

    Near new 4 piece detector cover from Pro-rectors out of the UK. Not pictured is the lower stem cover which is the same color. $50 shipped, US only.
  11. 💵 FOR SALE Large Minelab Detector Bag

    Brand new. $55 which includes US domestic shipping.
  12. 🙋 WANTED Tesoro Detector Bag

    I’m looking for the smaller detector bag that Tesoro used to make. The one where you have to take apart the detector. I also may be interested in a Tesoro control box cover. Both at a decent price. Thanks.
  13. Predator shovel just arrived

    I have one with foot pads that I picked up for $95 used. I rarely need something this size but it sure makes digging in the fields 100% faster and easier when I do go in the field. My other shovel is a Predator Eagle and I would have literally went through two cheaper Lesche shovels during the...
  14. ❎ SOLD Headphones for sale

    I have 4 sets of headphones for sale. The Vanco and Accusound headphones work just fine. The Garrett work well just the 1/4” adapter has been removed and it would require replacement. The Nugget Busters NDTs work but fade in and out. I’m not sure if it can be the cable. I’m wanting $75 for all...
  15. ❎ SOLD Nokta Simplex + and wireless headphones

    I will go down to $260 of the buyer picks up the actual shipping.