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  • Poppa hi this is Pete I have purchased from you before.i would like the sovereign xs 2a pro I can pay 500 and send money order this Thursday the 20th.if this would be ok let me know.my cell is 812-655-4154.you have been good to work with, before and I hope I can get this detector to.ps I bought a vx3 from you. Thanks ,Pete Solly.
    I am looking for the alkaline aa battery pod for the excal 2 the green machine
    thank you
    Patrick McKinney
    The Nokta arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much. You were very quick and efficient with this trade. I look forward to seeing what you have in the future.
    hi! I want to buy minelab excalibur. Pay Pal payment. I am from Ukraine ThankYou. andreseptor@mail.ru
    Poppa,I will have my final payment in tomorrows mail. Thanks for working with me I greatly appriciate iy .Pete.
    Arthur; I would like to buy a bigfoot coil for MXT, if you ever obtain one for sale please let me know. Thanks, Win.
    Poppa I have three metal detectors for sale, may be we can make a deal, I have a DFX a 2009 V3 with wireless head phones and an up dated surfprow PI, Looking for a price on all three.
    Give me a gingle of call me buy phone so we can talk, my # is 1 617 645 4267. I'm in Mass.
    I received the Elite today. She is in fantastic shape and I can't wait to get her to the beach! Thanks for the good deal and merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Do you still have the minelab and if so how can I contact you, I'm new to this site

    Thank you

    Poppa, do you still have the fisher F75. If so I have a Minelab Explorer SE Pro with 2 coils and 2 batteries I would be iterested in trading.
    Just want to ask you, if you run across a 5X10 coil for the Troy X5, would you please keep me in mind. I am looking for one.

    Whats the best you can do on the at pro, I am about to buy one from a guy with a nice set up land and water headphones a bag digger and I think he said a pointer for 350.00. But I have never dealt with him and hes on craigslist instead of treasurenet or ebay. I would like to just deal with you on this item but need to know what you best you can do is, I will send the money as soon as we can agree on a price if we can agree on one anyhow. Let me know please
    Not sure what the deal is with it. I first got it. sure it worked fine. I set up targets with the unit running each coil. in both standard mode and pro mode. It will notch tabs and pick up rings. However. it does nothing but PIN.PING.PING. while hunting. then the unit will screen freez for like 2 seconds. . recovery time seems to keep dropping off compared to before.????? Tried both coils, new batteries, tightened cable connections, ground balanced and still acting weird. All my friends say they love theres and it has such a fast recovery. ???? Nothing remotely close to that of a tesoro unit. My friends say the AT has super fast recovery????? Hmmmm? Soooo will Garrett back the unit tho I didnt purchase it there?
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