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  1. Does this look like an eagle with stars?

    C Congrats my brother!!!
  2. Hey Guys I got some Confederate and it says that it?s rare!!!!

    Wow, great finds Truth, wish I could have been there with you brother, Congrats!!! "D"
  3. Went out for a few hours today...

    Any Ideas as to what type bullet it is, Enfield, Sharps, etc ???
  4. Went out for a few hours today...

    Truth and I went out to a permission today for a few hours and all I found other than modern lead bullets I was able to save this one. Not sure what it is, it looks like it's been wormed or rammed really hard. Any information on what it could be would greatly be appreciated... TIA
  5. Give me a “C”!!!!

    Awesome finds my brother, I hope tomorrow is as productive, once again congratulations on two great finds!!! "D"
  6. Black Glass Bottles and more kinda day.Stunning Pipe found

    As I stated earlier those finds are awesome, especially that vase!!! The detail is remarkable and its hard to believe the colors stayed so vivid and what detail in the art work!!! Great job once again my brother, Congratulations!!!
  7. Slim Pickings...

    Went back to the Old Spanish Fort with Truth and Louisiana man. We didn't find any military artifacts, but I was able to save two war nickels, two Wheaties and a silver catholic pendant. Even though we didn't find a lot, the weather was awesome, it was in the upper 70's to low 80's, a perfect...
  8. Button I.D of century and/or what is it from

    Congrats Brother!!!
  9. Update William Duke Of Cumberland Cufflink....

    Way to go John, Congrats on such an awesome find!!! "D"
  10. Stunner Large Cent...and more..

    Great finds and video as usual brother, Congrats!!! "D"
  11. New member looking for some help!!

    Welcome to T-Net from Southeast Louisiana!!! "D"
  12. New from San Luis Obispo, Calif

    Welcome to T-Net from Southeast Louisiana!!! "D"
  13. New Member happy to be here

    Welcome to T-Net from Southeast Louisiana!!! "D"