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  1. Help needed for lost ring !

    Thanks will let her know !! :icon_thumright:
  2. Help needed for lost ring !

    Hey fellow members I was just at a family function in Crystal River Florida and of course did not bring my detector I am in CT , and a very nice young lady lost her great grandmothers ring , we all walked around for quite awhile with no luck so am asking if anyone may be in that area and can...
  3. Finally upgraded , Minelab Nox 800 !!

    Thanks all for the advise , hoping the weather gets a bit better here and will get out with the new nox next week , been detecting for 48 years have a few spots I need to revisit , LOL
  4. Finally upgraded , Minelab Nox 800 !!

    Bit the bullet and got a Minelab Equinox 800 , should have it Friday but the weather here is not the best for a test drive still have frost in most places but the following week looks better and hope to have some news and probably many questions about the machine , LOL . Wish me luck...
  5. Looking for digging shovel !

    Thanks Guys!! Very good reply's , Johny looking hard at the 3 choices you sent , will be getting one which one I cannot decide , LOL
  6. Looking for digging shovel !

    Hey Guys , looking for a decent digging shovel that is 25 to 36" long ,folding would be nice also , any suggestions , Thanks Quiz
  7. Tinytec deluxe pinpointer

    Wondering if someone had a Tinytec deluxe pinpointer they would want to sell or know where I can get one , Thanks for any help . Quizzio
  8. New to the Forum

    Hey fellow detectors , am looking forward to contributing to this site if I can , been detecting for close to 50yrs. I have 4 units 2 Garrett's and 2 Fisher's 1 underwater unit and several pinpointers , have metal detected in Ct.,Mass and NY and hope I can help some folks out and also get some...