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  1. Age of Bridle Rosette?

    I got one identical to the op, I took a picture of mine on Google lens and it brought me to this old thread!
  2. Help With This Cool Looking Relic!

    If I had to guess, I'd say it's about an ounce or so.
  3. So I started a YouTube channel

    Not interested in monetization at all, basically started filming my digs for my Mother, who is really into detecting, but can't get out and do it anymore. She is the one who introduced me to the hobby and got me my first detector. I just was looking for advice on equipment. I use a gopro and...
  4. Help With This Cool Looking Relic!

    Found this neat looking thing on an old farm dating back to the 1700s. I thought that it might be equestrian related, like a bridle piece, or saddle piece, anyone ever dug something like this before?
  5. A New Jersey Copper and 2 Draped Busts

    I was just as surprised, the soil is pretty dandy, so it preserved these coppers better than usual. I did find another that was smooth, but I think it might be another draped bust
  6. A New Jersey Copper and 2 Draped Busts

    Found them on a farm permission that dates back to the late 1700's. Spent 2 days there, in all found 4 coppers, one was smooth the other 3 were identifiable, and 1 dandy button.
  7. So I started a YouTube channel

    It's not as easy as it looks, but it makes hunting a lot more interesting for sure. If anybody here has any suggestions or tips, I'd love to hear them, like what type of camera to use etc. Thanks! I've only posted 3 videos so far, and I'm still working out the bugs.
  8. New Jersey Copper and 2 Draped Busts same day

    I finally was able to get on this permission this year after waiting all winter to hunt it, found a NJ copper and 2 Draped bust large cents on the first day! It's a huge farm that dates back to the 1700's and I know it's been hunted before, so I was shocked to find what I did in such a short...
  9. Favorite Coin?

    Mercury dimes are my personal fave coin design, I've only found so far, but every time I beep a dime signal, I always hope it's a Merc, lol
  10. Favorite Coin?

    My first ever silver was a 1917 Stander, beautiful coin!
  11. Favorite Coin?

    I agree! It would be nice to find a gold coin, but I'm a silver guy for sure!
  12. Favorite Coin?

    I would love to find a V Nickel!
  13. Favorite Coin?

    Does anybody have that one coin that just puts a smile on your face whenever you dig one? Or if you have yet to find one, which coin would be your ultimate bucket lister?
  14. Any guess on this tool?

    Found this on an old farm pasture, its iron and looks pretty old, but I have not seen anything like it before.