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  1. "The Lue Map and the Nazi Connection -2. Continuation of the topic."

    Better question is why does it matter since the Mexican Treasure is in the 4 corners region and the LUE caches are like 400 miles east of there.
  2. "The Lue Map and the Nazi Connection -2. Continuation of the topic."

    *Insert Golf Clap Here* Best reply I've seen on a LUE thread in recent memory. The so-called Nazi connection was fabricated on these very forums, plain and simple, and it's very easily proven by anyone that's done any research at all on the LUE. Similar to you, I have also never seen any...
  3. "The Lue Map and the Nazi Connection -2. Continuation of the topic." much this. Honestly, you hit the nail on the head here and I'm glad I'm not the only one that fully recognizes that the Nazi connection is a complete fabrication to the LUE story, which frankly doesn't need anything else muddying the waters.
  4. "The Lue Map and the Nazi Connection -2. Continuation of the topic."

    No disrespect taken, we don't have to agree on anything to be civil and open minded to one another. The truth is I literally watched in 1995 as the Nazi theory was created out of nothing and shared on this very forum by a man who conflated the 17 Tons of gold at the 4 Corners story and the LUE...
  5. "The Lue Map and the Nazi Connection -2. Continuation of the topic."

    Feel like we've been down this path before. If you don't feel like the LUE is legit, you're probably never going to convince anyone in here otherwise. I believe it was Mark Twain who said, "It's easier to fool a man than it is to convince him that he's been fooled." I'm still firmly on the...
  6. A book about the LUE treasure

    It was a map that appeared in Treasure Hunter's Manual #7:
  7. A book about the LUE treasure

    It's a real shame that book never got written. Patrick told me once he had all the material, just no clear idea how to organize it all.
  8. Lue Map

    I had been told some years ago that was the meaning of the IAYAYAM code...I always took that to mean that a mirror image of the map was needed to break it, either alone or in tandem with the original.
  9. More LUE map sightings and clues

    Interesting piece here Bookaroo, but you're mistaken in a big way. 1st Edition was published in Segundo by Dorick, who also had an article in the first on the revised NPGs (Volume 6 Issue 1). His 1st edition write up of the LUE consists only of the map and several sentences combining...
  10. Egyptian Treasure in the Grand Canyon?

    It would appear he was in that area only a few years earlier... This is the first time I've heard this name connected with this story (or with any story, frankly)...I'll keep looking and see where the evidence leads me..
  11. Texas Spider Rocks - Newspaper Files

    This is the oldest I've found thus far, relates to the same area as above. Not nearly as detailed but itsets the stage and contains some unusual details that are present in the longer article.
  12. Texas Spider Rocks - Newspaper Files

    This is one of the first, fairly substantial as well...
  13. Texas Spider Rocks - Newspaper Files

    I always liked this story, going to post a few things as I work on them. From a research standpoint, it'll be impossible to do a better job than Steve Wilson and Bill Townsley have done on the topic. Lots of solid research out there but I find what you can dredge up online pretty interesting...
  14. KGX in Utah?

    I could swear at one point in "Jesse James Was One of His Names" there is a reference to a KGC Hoard hidden in Utah, Salt Lake CIty perhaps, that's supposed to be buried near the giant "U" on the side of the mountain. Can't find this reference in the book any more and it's riving me crazy...
  15. Lost Dutchman Books - Which ones rare / valuable?

    Appreciate the information there sir. I knew there was a digital LDM biblography out there but wasn't sure it was updated or not...taht's a LOT of written material for one lil' ole mine. :)