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  • Hi Rangler, can you help me interpret these:

    1. House found under (200 plus feet)
    2. 3 shells arranged like a triangle

    Also, do you have a copy of the codes? Please mail me directly onegramofgold@gmail.com thanks!

    Hi Rangler,
    I am really new to signs/symbols and was hoping that you could recommend some additional books for me to read, in regards to these subjects.
    send any and all pics you want me to look at, happy to help..be sure the pics are taken at the correct time of day ie 11am-1pm as the shadows are sometimes the most important part of the monument..always have your back to the sun.,make sure at least one shot has the whole rock pile visible - any hoyos..stand square with them to get the clear view of the entire outline of the hoyo...better pics make for better diagnosis.,no location is needed, no landmarks we want to safeguard your security~!
    oro for the smart trackers

    thank's...about your suggestion...we have 4 treasure site here.. but the site no._4 is under operation now
    as you can see the photo of the marker in the big stone its size is about ...L= 5m W= 4m H= 15ft at the highest side then at the lowest side it about 10 feet...an arrow pointing downward we follow it where it pointed down you can see the image i save in my account.... at 3feet under we found a circular stone about 1.5 feet in diameter ...then at 5 feet we found again a pointing arrow toward inside the big stone ant its about 2feet in length and its size like the marker carve in a big stone....and tappered 45deegres..
    at 6feet a lot of boulders ...a big stone was file a portion where the ponting arrow dowward was.. what can you say about this...
    once again your advice is highly appreciated, a good day rangler
    Was wondering if you could clue me in on using the horse head/compass reading to determine location and distance of a cache? Not sure how to load the pic.... C:\Users\admin\Desktop\New Briefcase070313185105 . Also are there any special dangers to be a guard for with horses heads?
    Any help be greatly appreciated!
    Have large complex 'ROCK-MAP' with multiple 'face-profiles' and shadow symbols on huge boulder, and a cool-looking full body 'OWL-MONUMENT''. Would like for you to check them out if you are interested. They were found about 800 feet from each other. I have you to thank for their discoveries. I learned what to search for after reading your thread, 'treasure signs and symbols 101', starting at page 1, when 'Dign' spoke about the 'OWL', HOW IT LEADS TO AN INFORMATION SITE. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with others. May GOD bless you and yours. These photo's are posted in you tread 101, on page 40. trailrider
    rangler ;check out my posts T/M 101- 38 ,I finally got this computer to post pic's. Sent you some in an e-mail but you said they were to small to make anything out .these should be better but kind of bunched together,any way would appreciate your input. If you have time I have acouple of monuments I'll post. thanks larryg
    Hi my name is Gabriel and I live in New Mexico. I have found a mesa out in the Rio Puerco that has a stone on top with some symbols on it that I need help with. Can you give me your opinion if I send you some information. Anything will help. Thanks

    I found your posting and it appears that you are someone that actually has a clue about finding the good stuff. I have a map from Spain that is approx 200 years old. I have located 90% of the things on the map but the "vault" still eludes me. I need some help with this but I am nervous to involve other people. I'd love to chat with you sometime.

    We havent spoke in a long time. I may not agree with you, but thats ok. Im not out to be a pain. I have a good reason to believe all the number nonsense wont get you any closer to the gold than reading these forums. What I need is someone like you who have done extensive reading about histrory. I have finally located what I believe is La Rues mark. I know your interested too. I will try to check back but dont do the forums much. Talk to me if you wanna help.
    i'm new i've been following post, but only recently made an account. I need help figuring out something, would you mind if i send you a picture of the stone.
    how can I go back and find all the old posts of dign4it and others that I might want to go back and find. I'm new here so still learning.
    send any pic you want decoded to rangler8@gmail.com
    thanks for the nice words...
    Rangler ; I like the way you use the good book to show what the monuments, and shadow signs mean biblicaly. Not very good on computer,have quite a few signs would like you to try and decypher.Don"t know how to send photos to you .Tell me how and I"ll send you some very strange photos of rocks and trees. Probably simple for you .The rocks are old and some deterioration of the symbols has taken place.Larryg _lavender474@gmail.com
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