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  • Hey Casca, I was off for a while. Have a good idea of a homestead out by bishops cap. Let me know if ya want to go
    At the old Mussman Ranch. Its at i-10 and Mesquite exit. Great place to hunt, too much trash though. You can clearly see it on Google earth. Its on the east side of the interstate.
    I had a conversation with one of the mods and Garret. I don't like how the whole thing was handled.
    watch out the mods dont like it when you make fun of garretts ...will see how long i last around here since i dont like biting my tongue...i feel like cool hand luke...shaking the tree boss shaking the tree
    I had to shorten the PM as we ran out of space for words.
    I used to hunt up and down the east coast with my van which I called my motor home. Then couple years ago I had a stroke and had to move back to Michigan. My right side is numb sometimes and I just have to watch how I hold a coffee cup so I don't drop it. I am able to get out on none dialysis days and the weekends. I mainly water hunt because that is where the gold is. I used to post photo's till someone called me a fake. I met the golden Oldie a couple times on the Galveston beach. Norm taught me the "Happy Dance."
    Yes Amanda, we spoke about your dads passing a while back. From his post I would have loved to walked the trails with him for at least a day. How are you doing, keeping up in your dads footsteps?
    Well found what I think is the mine. Cant get around the cap stone, weird setup. Looks like it would bury me if I tryed. Did get a camera behind the cap stone, small cactus bowl, could be used to carry poison. Its marked silver. They used some sort of wooden wheel crane to do the lifting. Its up too high for a large group, most likely lowered down to valley floor processed the ore and sent it back up. Hearts and and a Priest lead the way to it. Have some other marking next hillside over. Ever hear anyone carving picks into rock? Lots of false rock, and looks like many holes found already. Gonna work the entire range to see if anything left on other end, or up top on flat ground. Too hot, too many Rattlesnakes right now lol. This fall for sure. They had a way of building without timbers also. The peralta stone are exactly what they are meant to be. Good Luck. I hope thing calm down in your country as I would love to visit someday and play in the mountains.
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