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  • primero Que nada mis sincerest saludos.. I'm writing to you to ask if you have had any experience with ir digital camaras. 5 years ago I did buy the camara. It was a canon rebel with 2 ir lenses. I went to michoacan I took like 500 pics n didn't see any auras. I'm going back to Michoacan in December. I'm taking my Gemini 3 my whites xlnt with the sierra Madre program. I have like 10 places to explore. Your advise will be appreciated
    Buenos Dias, Don Jose'. Did you have coffee with my dad yesterday? So happy he is back in Alamos, and Dengue~free. Happy trails, today and always!!!
    I have read some of your post before, but not all. Is it my understanding that you are seeking the location for Tayopa? I believe this location to be in Utah. I believe that I have located the Fundicion Mission that was destroyed in 1666
    in Utah! Of course, like I said, I have not read all your posts, but I have seen posings of this Mapa de Tayopa many times posted on this site. I think you are aware that this is a reproduction of the original Mapa del Camino de los Minas del Yutas.
    This clearly shows the location to be Utah. Have you heard of Tomas Blaque? He is the one responsible for this map published about 1540. The map is signed by Archivo General de los Indias, 1564.
    Bruce Evans
    Hola Jose, I noticed your mention of Alzheimer's in a recent post, I did try sending some links but it refused to post because of them, try looking up, or Mary Newport MD
    and coconut oil for treating Alzheimer's,

    I'm on a longevity site and there are a number of MDs on there as well as Biochemists who post regularly,
    including Aubry de grey, try it with an A instead of the E if that doesn't work, he's the director of SENS who are working on age reversal and is one of the worlds leading gerontologists,
    but the first ones to look up would be the coconut treatment, and about Mary Newports husband, who had it,

    regards John
    G'morning snakeyes,my friend, usual coffee? I must apologize in that I haven't reviewed the PM's for some time, and am not sure if I replied to your post. I would love to go bk to Sante FE, since I love the NM high country, but 'Fortuntely' Taopa must take preference.

    We have just filed on almost 5000 acres more, to lock in some hot spots. I have my work cut out for me.

    Don Jose de La Mancha
    Don Jose
    I haven't spoken to you in a while, it looks like we might survive another winter.Now that snow is starting to melt, I'm itching to get back on the trail of Forrest Fenn, You should come north and deciper his clues. If the weather holds myself and another runner will be heading out to Santa Fe on Mon., just for a look around.
    G.morning Bill. I just found your pm, apologies. I was curious. since somewhere I lost mine also. I suppose that eventually I will have to buy another pair for the kiddies memory collection. Thanks for keeping someone's alive.

    Don Jose de La Mancha
    Don Jose,
    I have a great respect for the military past and present...the wings were found many years ago in my neighborhood local park.....they're WW11 USAF wings....I did some research and it turns out during the war many US pilots were stationed nearby and helping to ferry planes to the UK for the war effort.

    Unfortunately I don't have them any more as I donated them to a fellow detectorist for his military collection.....he does show and tell session to school children in his area to teach them of our military past.....thanks for asking.

    Regards + HH

    Here s the score,

    friday the 13th 1307 the knights templar Left La Rochelle in france with
    the holy grail. 18 ships. I think it was a bad night. In my opionion they turned back, and landed on ile de re. abbey des chartres got burnt ( razed ) 80 years after.
    Your friend marc put a french treasure map on here- cant find it since.

    He was very close, to pinpointing where i am searching.

    Top heavy with gold theres only one place the captains of 18 ships would have gone.

    roslenn chappal maybe

    oak island no

    that was some one else.

    the grail is on ile de re

    behind abbey des chartres

    in the forest

    or under the floor in the abbey itself

    Its all to do with weather,

    I think they sailed into a ****en hurricane in the bay of Biscay, and went back to land. Gold is very heavy. out of 18 ships one of them must have had a clue.
    sO MANY kind messeges
    thank you
    if we are looking in the same place
    back down.

    of you find etc
    present it

    tell the truth and shame the Devil


    you have been warned-
    Tropi dear, I hope you are well. Somehow I've lost you on MSN IM.... can't "see" you online any more. It's almost too late to wish a happy belated birthday :( Big hug. zippy aka kezy
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