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  1. ✅ SOLVED Something else I cannot ID

    My first thought was a tool for cleaning the touch hole on a cannon.
  2. Still have no idea what this is

    I agree with Medusa. Maybe a flipping coin, heads or tails? You might check and see if the park was ever used as a carnival ground.
  3. i hate this dam vacuum

    Farm supply stores often have alcohol free gasoline.
  4. This is why I can't be left unsupervised

    "Like a one-eyed cat peepin in a seafood store" Bill Haley 1955. Congrats Tommy
  5. Can anyone help me identify this? Found on my property in TX (digging - deep in grou)

    Try a regular metal file. Sometimes molten items can absorb particulate or even gaseous substances that may alter the working characteristics of the metal. In example Grade S steel. High carbon steel alloyed with silicates. Makes great car springs or one hell of a knife. It work hardens very...
  6. How About A Posting For Covid Vaccines

    I also favor the Myers Rum therapy. My wife and I got ours at the same time. The first one hurt and I got a bad bruise. She did pretty well with the first one but I got real lethargic and slept a lot. The bruise tells me she hit a blood vessel with the needle so that may have caused it. The...
  7. Can anyone help me identify this? Found on my property in TX (digging - deep in grou)

    Having not said cutting torch I'd offer this perspective. Aluminum is a terrific conductor of heat or cold. It basically resists being flame cut by wicking the heat away to the other parts of the piece. This causes the piece to melt all at once when heated, but that takes a lot of heat. I found...
  8. My collection

    I agree, most are javelin, speer or knife points. If you've ever hunted with a bow a decision you'll have to make is accuracy or wound channel diameter. Wider heavier points tend to steer the arrow but make impressive wounds for a faster bleed out. Smaller diameter multi pointed broadheads fly...
  9. Prospecting trip in North Carolina suggestions.

    In Buncombe county East End of Asheville City Limits. Alluvial deposits along the Swananoa River. Be sure to know the boundaries of the National Park. The main vein is across the river on the Billy Graham rehab center. Unfortunately, even if you could get a permit, there's un-exploded dynamite...
  10. Cloudy day in the park

    Sweet Joe, real sweet and congrats! I don't know about yellow jackets guiding you to destiny but they'll danged sure usher you to glory. I don't know if you're aware of this but baking soda can save your life in a situation like that. Keep a box and a bottle of water in your truck or in your...
  11. More 6” coil success at Colonial site

    Fabulous Pa Dirt, Very diversified and cool! Many happy returns!
  12. Late VJ post.

    Thanks so much for looking guys, and for all your kind comments! I looked the Vet up today and found out he's buried in our local Vets Cemetery along with George Patton's grandfather and a number of notable soldiers from all wars including some Confederates. He had a son born the same year as I...
  13. Late VJ post.

    Howdy all, I've been looking through my many collections lately and happened on this in my Seiko stash! It's pretty self explanatory so I'll only say he was a 43rd engineers attached to 8th Army in the Pacific. They made over 60 landings and oversaw Japan during the postwar period...
  14. Whatzit mean?

    Thanks guys and a special shoutout to Owlcreek! Never in my wildest dream, would I have ever considered an advertising gimmick! Where's that newspaper from? Best wishes!
  15. Another day in the park

    Hurrah Joe! Many happy returns!