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  1. new to metal detecting, simplex plus

    Did you end up pursuing this hole?
  2. Foil shows 4 bars deep while I'm right on top of it?

    Brand new user of the Simplex +, I've really only used it twice so far, I noticed though when I was on top of foil it would register as 4-5 bars deep in the ground, even when I could see it on the surface, what's the deal with that? I did a auto ground balance and other targets seemed to ring up...
  3. New Member from So. Utah

    New Member to the site, been lurking while my detector was in the mail, I purchased the Simplex + as many have suggested for the best bang for your buck, I and not brand new to metal detecting but defiantly a novice, I received a whites prism 2 years ago for my birthday and loved using it but it...