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    WTB the rubber slider kit that holds the cans on the headset bracket and White's is not responding to phone or email. Underwater Headset Slider Part No. 501-1071-4 Shows out of stock at Centerville Electronics. Can't sell my unit until I replace these. Rod 661-510-7713
  2. Traded for Like New Excal II but not near ocean anymore.

    Any good for lake and river in Central CA? Got it in trade in like new condition. Anderson shaft and knob guard. I have a Nox 800 and MXT All Pro already. Will the Excal be a good fresh water option or should I just consider selling? Hate to see almost $1800 (with upgrades) sitting in my closet.
  3. 🙋 WANTED Excalibur with 8 inch coil or 8 inch coil...

    Call or text me. Rod 661-510-7713 California
  4. ❎ SOLD Whites TRX

    still looking? 661-510-7713 Rod
  5. 🙋 WANTED WTB Pinpointer

    still looking??
  6. ❎ SOLD Waterproof PI Detector

    White's Surf PI Dual Field. $400 Waiting for headphone clip from Whites, other wise good cond. 661-510-7713
  7. 🙋 WANTED Good Used Garrett Pro Pointer AT

    i have one. also whites TRX. cell # 661-510-7713
  8. 🙋 WANTED Wanted whites classic ID or IDX

    I have an MXT All Pro if that would do.
  9. Dollar Coin Spill.....

    what kind of errors? Anything specific?
  10. Emailed local Parks and Recreation about Metal Detecting

    I use a longer, thinner screwdriver sharpened like an icepick as long as I am only hunting clad and newer targets. Center up with MD, pinpoint 0"-3" items with good pinpointer, "stab" to locate target and then work a finger size hole and pop coins on edge and retrieve. Simply squeeze the hole...
  11. Hit Gold in the Dry sand cut.

    I put a short piece of wood dowel inside my metal pole where the high stress is.
  12. Finally detecting for the first time today... While at work haha

    bring me with you and I will let you use one of my mxt all pros!! Seriously.
  13. Consulted a Lawyer, Re.: the Coin-star return slot contents .....

    Can't help but wonder how productive the time spent by all the posting, reading, responding to this thread might have been if it had been spent swinging a coil somewhere...:dontknow::BangHead:

    WHITES BEACH HUNTER 300 ID METAL DETECTOR Excellent condition, hip/belt pouch inc. Will inc shipping and XL wetsuit with full price offer. Asking $675 Rod Text or call 661-510-7713

    Excellent condition, like new MXT ALL PRO with D2 coil. Don't need two:laughing7: Asking $675 plus shipping. Call or text ROD at 661-510-7713 for quick reply. Make offer.