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  • Dean,

    Just so that you understand.....

    I posted on Crispins Critter's on New Years Eve, but I don't see myself posting there again.
    Yes, I'll cruise the old posts for the music, but,
    I have more of a life than the "clique" of that thread.
    A fine group of Folks, but....

    I'm working on starting new threads on my personal page and my Friends will find where the stories are told.....

    Best Wishes,
    My Friend,


    Got your "care package" today.

    Thanks so much!

    I think I follow the item's purposes...
    The clippers to keep from poking holes in the socks, the band-aids if I clip too close, and the right guard for if I have to "buddy-up" with a cute girl to share textbooks.
    My, aren't you insightful!

    Do you do a lot of fishing?
    I've got a bunch of lures, jigs and plastic worms that I will never use.

    I'll send them to you if you can use them.
    Let me know and I'll take some pictures and you can let me know what you'd like.

    Once again, Thanks!

    My Best Wishes,

    I can't open the test message. I wonder if the Admin knows what is going on over there. Ticm does a good job of pissing members off. Frank...
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