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  1. 3 1800s coins..and one is a tiny silver BUCKET LISTER

    Awesome Great looking Trime
  2. Saturday's and Sunday's finds

    Awesome hunt
  3. First hunt of 2022...first gold of 2022

    Beautiful gold ring Congrats
  4. Not a typical KG III- need ID help

    Nice find
  5. Vintage Class Ring

    Nice finds
  6. Early 1800's Coins Everywhere !

    Nice hunt Too bad it’s gone now
  7. Silver Thimble!!

    Nice find
  8. Rapala

    Very cool
  9. Found a Gorgeous 1763 One Reale Yesterday

    She’s a Beauty
  10. 1 Bolívar 1945 Venezuela silver!

    Always good to find a rarely posted silver
  11. Is this 17g gold ring Freemasons or something else?

    Nicest gold ring I have seen posted Congrats
  12. New Random Field - Day 5 - 2 Hammered...

    Don’t see many Scottish pennies posted here Interesting one for sure