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  • Sir,
    I like your Picture in the Forum of your Ancestors from Europe
    So I did a DNA Test as well by but all I got where a few names in the States I`m related some generations ago .
    But never did I get some Infos about other Countrys I´m related to!
    But that was my main intention about doing a DNA Test
    So Can you tell me please how I can get such Infos ?
    Rainer ( aka grantler)
    Hey there. I noticed lately there has been some WW1 US helmets for sale on e-bay with the letters "U" "X" & "Y". Is it possible that lets say the Army used "Z" stamped lids, the other branches possibly used the other letters due to contracts issued for Marines and Navy? Ex; X=Navy, Y=Marines and U=prototypes, or gov't dock workers?
    I was just browsing E-Bay on "doughboy helmet" catagory and found 2 different sellers offering helmets with "ZB" stamped on them. So there's another manufacturing mark to add to the list.
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