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  1. ✅ SOLVED Bullet with weird thing on the side

    Marker cap....? Is something embossed on the clip thingie?
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Leather rivet with insignia

    You might be able to take a pencil and paper and do a rubbing or take chalk, or other powder and brush it on and then wipe the excess off leaving it in the stamping. This would help and getting a clear ideal what the logo looks like. I'm sure someone on here could ID it then.
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Please help, identifying this button :-)

    Is the shield topped with a Knights Helmet.....? Hard for me to tell.
  4. ✅ SOLVED OT: Happy Thanksgiving!

    My family and I would like to extend our sincere thanks for the well wishes and kind words, during my recent cardiac surgery, from our family on here and wish everyone a very Safe and Happy Thanksgiving. As always when you sit down with friends and family, remember there is an empty seat at a...
  5. ✅ SOLVED OT: Cardiac Ablation

    I'm feeling a little better and moving around faster, still tender in the 8 (Orginally thought 7) places I had IVs and catheters inserted, itching like heck where they shaved me (From my neck to my knees). But being on this side of the dirt, I guess I shouldn't be such a whiner, and be a big...
  6. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Interesting books

    Plus a lot of Germans ended up in Holland, when escaping religious persecution in Germany, before they acquired passage to the United States. Some were there for months some for years. My family on dad's side were German and that was their path, but they maintained their German nationality...
  7. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What it it?

    Since TCBG has ruled out a cannon ball. Wouldn't the presence of the seam in this case be indicative of a mill ball? Seam is seen in pictures 1, 2, 3, and 10.
  8. ✅ SOLVED OT: Cardiac Ablation

    That's great, just shows I'll be in some awesome company for a while longer.
  9. ✅ SOLVED OT: Cardiac Ablation

    Still sore today, getting around a little faster, not allow to drive for a while. So along with Armchair What Is This Solving, I've been looking over my guns (Milsurps) and getting the last of the parts to make them 100% complete (Slings, bayonets, cleaning rods, stuff like that) on order. So...
  10. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED I found this 'coin' in England in 2019 (after that have not been back - Corona). But it could be a coin way back when, but what is it now?

    Crown WR also stands for William IV. Whether it does in this case I don't know, oh and no ideal on the find.
  11. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED can not find anything on this button found some similer

    Here's a previous TNet post on a similar button, again there is a French connection given on it.
  12. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED can not find anything on this button found some similer

    Everything I'm finding is leaning towards a French (Napoleonic) Marine Artillery button. That should give you some help to narrow down your search.
  13. ✅ SOLVED OT: Cardiac Ablation

    I've been sprung from the hospital.....Yeah! Sore is an understatement, the grandkids are happy to see the old fart, and our two dogs and our cat are happy to see me. I swear with the dogs and the cat, you'd think I've been gone for a year, instead of an overnight stay. Procedure itself...
  14. ✅ SOLVED OT: Cardiac Ablation

    They got a late start on my Ablation, I believe it started around 1400, versus the scheduled 0830. Right now, I'm trying to chill in my room, I just stood up for the first time since the procedure. So that's a good thing, hopefully I'll be able to fall asleep easy tonight, instead of my...