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    .80 here
  2. The rain has come

    I no longer need the jackhammer to dig coins it's finally raining in Tennessee, I was begining to wonder if the state had passed a new law banning rain.
  3. brass knuckles found in tot lot

    They are probably packing the heat just the diapers are helping to hold them in.
  4. brass knuckles found in tot lot

    MAn these 3 year olds are getting serious about sharing toys lol
  5. Hello all

    Welcome to Tnet. you will be very happy with an ace 250.
  6. Sunburn

    That was funny..
  7. Cache help!!!

    If you dont find it, It could bother you the rest of your life. but it sounds like a perfect place to cache coins. you can try to put in some rebar to reinforce the wall while you plunge around just be careful of the wall. If it were me I would take a buddy and find that signal.
  8. I need your support. Help my young nephew win $10,000 !

    It had to of been rigged I voted everyday on 17 computers. That made no sense how number one pulled ahead like that. The percentage was at 38% at one time next day dropped to 16% and it would barely climb a percent daily so something was fishy in tuna town.
  9. Here is how we can reduce our dependance on foreign OIL.

    Not a bad idea but who can afford the solar panels? I will accept donations toward a set lol. If i could put my ex wives in one room I could power and heat my house all year with their hot air. You know they probably say the same about me. You do have a point also it would be great to be self...
  10. Thrift Shop Gold

    Wanna double your money back lol
  11. Thrift Shop Gold

    Got to love those thrift stores.
  12. Meet Mr. Black Racer

    Beautiful snake. the last pic was like he was posing.
  13. SEIZED RARE GOLD and SILVER and SPORTS stuff--drug charges

    I live in Dyersburg, Tn and ive never heard of this fellow. Now I know why he is from Tiptonville, Tn a total different county. Dyersburg has a bad rep as it is lol.
  14. Needed Jackhammer to penatrate dirt in Tennessee

    iT SPURTED A FEW DROPS TODAY..dang kids playing with my computer and turned the caps on. sorry to lazy to erase and start over.
  15. Here is how we can reduce our dependance on foreign OIL. This man makes a very valid point, Myself I think it would work, whats you guys opinion? I post this in hopes we can get something going.