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  • Hello RGINN,

    I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I really enjoy reading your comments and posts in the Oklahoma forum. I have in the last few months become sort of obsessed with Indian Territory history, specifically the Choctaw County/Boggy Creek areas. I have been away from my home for the last five years doing "great things for my country" and have just recently gotten back and started hanging around my grandparents place. My Grandmother has about 1600 acres on Clear Boggy that has really bit into me. Just so much history out there, well, simple people history at least. Wife and I are even trying to buy a house in Boswell. Its a little out of the way from our jobs but its where the family is, not to mention the house is a original settlers home of Boswell, and it is pretty old house. Anyways, I just wanted to say I enjoyed your writings.
    Rginn; Pistol-pete here. Seems we have some things in common, so hope we can be friends. Would look forward to meeting or hunting together sometime, best Pistol-pete, Westcliffe, CO. AKA Chris Ueberroth
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