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    All you folks down there stay safe.
  2. Pedaling the open spaces

    Good pics. Frost started showin up on the truck windows last week.
  3. Seeing American flags at 1/2 staff today.

    Yeah I noticed that more often too, TR. Used to it seemed we just saw it for a President. Sometimes I don't know who died. The Feds can order it, and individual state governors can order it too.
  4. Prairie Rattlers

    That's great, Gare, but if you're ever down here, you'll be fine and fit right in wherever I would go. I think you would have really liked that Red Desert in Wyoming where I camped last week. You should check that area out and see what you think.
  5. New camera

    So far I'm happy with it. It doesn't have that great of reviews, but it works for what I want. I would say if I was tryin to make money off of pics I would go with Nikon, haha! The best thing, part of the country I live in it's pretty hard to take a bad pic, so almost any camera will get you...
  6. Red Desert, Wyoming

    9,320 square miles of open land, no fences. My son said, 'It's like camping on Mars. Nobody can understand how empty it is unless they've been there.' And my best accomplishment as a dad was taking my son out hunting, fishing, camping and instilling in him a love and understanding of the...
  7. Few more of White Mountain, WY, glyphs

    Far as I know, dousing them with water is acceptable as it sometimes brings them out a little better. You know it does rain on them. I just try to get to them when the lighting is better if I can. This area has cameras set up in it which most people may not know about, and no signs saying...
  8. Few more of White Mountain, WY, glyphs

    Just a few more.
  9. 21 years ago

    We had that OKC bombing in 95. I was on the site on official business about a week after. There were still victims in the rubble and you could smell death. I thought that was the most horrible thing I had ever seen, then this came along, and I can not even begin to imagine how horrific that...
  10. Firehole Canyon, Wyoming

    Headed down south of Rock Springs, WY towards Flaming Gorge. This part of the country reminded me more of Utah. Camped in a campground along the Green River on the north end of the reservoir.
  11. Red Desert, Wyoming

    My son is in Wyoming and camps here all the time, so I decided to make it up here. Great country. I camped in a playa seca about a mile northeast of Boar's Tusk. Great spot, I didn't have to drive in the brush and risk setting a fire and there was already a fire ring there. This is probably...
  12. White Mountain, WY, petroglyphs

    In the Red Desert, Wyoming. Quite a few there, but here's a sample. Please don't ever attempt to chalk in glyphs. Somebody did, and I guess that person in school couldn't color inside the lines and they went completely off track. I didn't take a pic of that one.
  13. New camera

    See what y'all think. I currently have the Canon Rebel xs so this was kind of an upgrade. It probably has a lot of features I won't figure out or even use. Haven't taken any pics with it yet, but I hope to head up to Wyoming tomorrow and try it out.
  14. Prairie Rattlers

    That rope thing won't work. Snakes crawl all over everything. Water snakes of all kinds tend to be aggressive and territorial. They'll stand their ground. I had a diamond back water snake (often confused for a moccassin) latch on to my hand out of nowhere one time. He started trying to rake...
  15. Hell

    Wow man, hope you guys stay safe. We had a pretty good monsoon season here in the mountains so we've lucked out so far. It's starting to dry out, and pretty much anymore year round is fire season here in Colorado.