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  1. Beautiful little silver!! My first seated

    Me and my hunting buddy went to our old High School this am. It was built in 1903 and demolished @ 2006. They rebuilt a new middle school in the location. A new addition is in the process of being built. They had removed @ 12" of the old grounds and that was our focus. Clad, clad, clad and then...
  2. Our oldest token to date

    THAT is an awesome token!! Congrats
  3. Oldest coin, cool token and pendant

    Got out on this beautiful Saturday for @ 3 hours. 1850 cent is my oldest coin find
  4. Rare Civil War Drug Dealers Token

    SWEET token!!!
  5. Last hunt of the year - Cool watch fob, junk jewelry and a rabbit

    Thank you. I have no idea on what happened to the quarter. Someone had too much free time and decided to cut on it?
  6. Last hunt of the year - Cool watch fob, junk jewelry and a rabbit

    Got out for a final hunt of the year. Weather was beautiful and finds were great. Really cool Illinois Firemens Assn watch fob dated 1916 made the day. Happy New Year to all
  7. My Ears Are Ringing!

    INCREDIBLE ring haul!!! Huge congrats
  8. Little silvers + nice ring + motorcycle pendant = great day of detecting

    Had a great day out detecting at the local park. Ran the 6" coil on the Equinox for the first time. Little cool outside but the detecting days are numbered so had to get out. Happy Holidays to all
  9. 🥇 BANNER Bucket List Seated Quarter - it's a good one!

    Beautiful Seated Quarter!!! Congrats
  10. Standing Liberty Quarter, cool button and clad

    Exactly what I figured. No stars with the D mint mark. Great eye on your part!!
  11. Standing Liberty Quarter, cool button and clad

    Got out early this am for some detecting. Been hitting it pretty hard the last couple of months (weekends only). Drove @ 20 miles hoping to do some beach detecting.... gated off for the winter!! On the way home, stopped at a small park I've never detected. Sweet high tone on the Nox and a...
  12. Bucket List Find, plus bonus!

    AWESOME finds!! Congrats
  13. Returned - Bucketlister!!! First class ring.

    Found the owner through social media. Thank you for the offer