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  1. Rocker box

    Mike Zapp, makes them in Phoenix out of Red Wood. He does great work (I bought a Drywasher from him - also made out of Red Wood - (he also has a web site showing a Rocker Box- don't remember the web site address. His phone number is 602 618-9959
  2. best location of check valve hole

    Did some measuring on my puffer. As it turn out there was a 30% drop in air speed from motor end to hinge end. I changed location of the flapper hold and direction of maximum opening. I.e., flapper open toward to motor end and then the hinged end. Question where do most of you locate the...
  3. which riffle do you find your gold in ?

    same here. 1st 90%
  4. Gold pan evolution

    I think I saw in the Add he does 1/2 bucket at a time - still all 5 gal in 45 sec or so. Most of my pans take about 30 to 40 sec - 1/4 of a bucket per pan. The bigger size pan would make the difference.
  5. Gold pan evolution

    For me also. I have a hard enough time picking up 5 gal buckets at my age (81). The standard Gold Claw is about right for the output of my puffer and drop trap. So I have not reason to buy the bigger one.
  6. Gold pan evolution

    Been using my Gold Claw both wet and dry. I like to go sampling up a dry creek (i live in AZ) and use the Gold Claw to dry pan hot spots - no need to blow concentrate. Wet it works great also. The commercials is right on saying it takes only 30 sec to pan 1/2 shovel full. New one has just...
  7. size of intake hole on a puffer

    thanks all. I am going use a 3" hole covered with a 1/16" rubber flapper from Lowe's. Seems to work fine. Thanks again.
  8. size of intake hole on a puffer

    What is a recommended size of the intake hole on the bottom of a small puffer dry washer?
  9. Identify old drywasher please

    This a dry wash like I used in early fifties. A school mate of mine father built one - sure got tired of tuning the dam thing.
  10. Your Methods, Tips, etc...

    Ever have your 5 gallon buckets stick together (it can be h*#$ pulling them apart). Here is a quick way to never have to have them stick again. On both sides of the bucket drill a 1/8 hole 3/4" below where the handle goes into the top of the bucket (not the part that hold the handle but the...
  11. best speed for a keene dry washer??

    I cut #7 or #8 Shotgun shot into 4 peaces. Paint them orange and put 3 in the material I put in the puffer. When it's time to pan I see how many of the peaces I get back (I have lost very few over the years). My theory is there are times I don't get any gold so I wonder if it's my location...
  12. DIY Gold Cube competior - for under $100.00

    Sorry about the subject heading. I tried to edit it but the forum would not let me. Don calls his a Gold Tube not a Gold Cube. I am sure there are other sluicing equipment out there that work and probably better however, if cost is a consideration and you like to build equipment then less...
  13. DIY Gold Cube competior - for under $100.00

    A friend of mine built this and put it on YouTube he calls it the "Gold Tube". The YouTube video is a demonstration. The Gold Tube cost around $100, including bilge pump. Great for the weekend prospector. It is made primarily using PVC pipe. This is a wet system...
  14. AZ members check in

    Thanks Heavy Pans. Found both old 1986 Lode and Placer claims (all closed) I will be check out next trip. One of the claims cross HW 260 and found a FS road going though the claim. Let you know what I find out. Thanksj Rick-SAR
  15. AZ members check in

    Thanks, I'll look in the area. Found some closed claims wsw of Heber (about 6 miles). I will look them over next trip. Again thanks - Rick