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  • I just received my FX DEUS last night, i'm also an AT PRO user and feel that machine is awesome and I wouldn't get rid of it myself, looking forward to learn the DUES and go over some of the spots i've hunted before!
    I'll tell ya,Pete! I went over a area that I had pounded with the ATP a week ago. It's small about 100 ft long by 30 feet. The Deus was hammering coins out of there,and I couldn't believe it!:eek: I would have thought there might have been a few pennys,but this machine was pulling coins out that were deeper,and hitting dimes,nickels,quarters,and a slew of pennys. I just couldn't believe the ATP had left that much behind!
    Now you did it?
    Got me second guessing my Pro
    Ivan feel your excitement!
    Is it REALLY that much better than the Pro!!!!
    Hey buddy, how are ya?
    Quick question on the detector stand.. Did you drill holes to secure
    that stand or do those screws just tighten down (onto) the shaft
    to hold it in place? Deciding weather to build one or purchase one..
    Thanks buddy!

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