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  1. Is nobody using their Tesoro lately?

    My Tesoro detectors are like my kids. I ended with more than I really needed but kept finding them for sale. A good used T 2 would be a good choice for you. The Nokta machines arre great , so is the Equnox 600 and 800 and Duis ... Iuse a Fisher F 75 and a Nokta Impact but the Vaquero is always...
  2. Old Eldoraro Help

    I used one for years. I have seen minnie balls found at 15 inches with the large wide scan
  3. Tesoro Bandido 2 umax

    I was around in the mid 90's when they came out and took the civil war relic hunting world by storm. There are a couple of things you need to know ....we used large 11 inch wide scan DD coils and .....also ....we hunted in ALL METAL while swinging ....and switched to light disc to check a target...
  4. Tejon coil recommendations?

    I would try that last medium size wide scan they came out with. I love my Tejon and I am a relic hunter. I have used the big wide scan on the Tejon and it was no trouble at all
  5. Let's let a USER of the Cibola, babble on and on.....

    If you put a larger coil on it like the new wide scaan would you have to re tune the machine to the coil ? I may do some testing
  6. public land to hunt between Atlanta & Chattanooga for CW relics

    I am in bad health now but that was my turf from 78 up to recently. The only public lands ever were at Resaca ( Hiwassee Land Company allowed you to hunt. Rocky Face could be hunted but both of those areas are now protected. My advice is to stick close to the railroad and knock on doors. Times...
  7. What was detecting like 50 years ago??? I just found out....

    I started in 1976. Compass and Garrettt ....hunted coins and civil war. We dug every signal. No use of discrimination. We were very successful finding relics on georgia battlefields and camps ...
  8. The Tesoro Inca

    Hickory Valley Electric was a electrical contractor named Amos Taylor , Roy Gooch was the detector sale manager. I met Jack Gilford there once. I sure miss them. They have all passed on.
  9. Any news on the new owners of tesoro yet ?

    I am buying other brands now but will always carry a Tesoro with me to use for certain uses
  10. Blackfoot

    Ricky Medlock was the drummer in Skinner when they were in high school. Then he switched to guitar and thank God
  11. The Tesoro Inca

    Does anyone have memories of owning and using a Inca ?
  12. What's your metal detecting vehicle?

    99 Tahoe 2 door is just perfect
  13. New to Fisher F75 - open to suggestions

    civil war hunters DE mode , Disc 10 2F sens 80 ...
  14. Nashville Metal Detecting

    Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Jr were civil war relic hunters with metal detectors
  15. Old Maps

    you got to look around in here. The best maps for east tennessee are the 1895 30 minute topos. Why ? because they had not changed many original roads be then. Dig around and see if you can find the 1895 topos