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  • Just found this message! I do find lots of stone bowls, but figured they are just geofacts.
    Oh good Lord I'm a goober! I thought you saw the mccoy bowl as a hole in the ground, not a possible coyote den! lol!! oh well, it is a nice bowl! jeeze...
    Found a shard and a quartz point today but don't know what type the point is and it's not the white type of quartz. If I get time I will take pics and share. My question is have you ever seen this site? The Artifact Sales Do you think it's legit? not that I'll be using it but some people might.
    Yes Fall is here and time change makes it hard if not impossible to hunt but this weekend I'll be out raking the leaves away in hopes of finding something. I did find a small shard last Sunday stuck in some sand on a bottlenecked curve and will be back again. Son and I are talking about clearing a spot where some root balls and logs are blocking, kinda hoping it stays below 50 degrees so the snakes will be underground. Are you still hunting?
    I live outside of ATL.My fathers land has had a lot of great, in tact arrowheads.I prefer to "dig" them out of the walls of the creek.Found a lot of great things the last two years, of spending my time with my head down.
    Thanks rock. Yeah I got exited over a really cool find. Thats why Smurfett is spelled wrong on my user name.LOL. My mentor was stuck, so he suggested this site for ID help. I thought I found a trukey tail here in texas but it was just a smiliar type.But still rare for the area. I will try to post more often,promise.
    Yes lots of shards and getting ready to put up a pic for thoughts on it...if it's a point or blank or what lol
    When you go to the group page there's a "Group Tools" tab on the right side of the page. When you click on it, it will offer you the choice to "Join Group".
    Yes, I do race. Super Comp, Super Gas Dragster in the NHRA divisional series. I suck at it though!

    hi rock my friend
    i sent you a box of:
    scrapers of various material
    some pottery shards
    some flakes and brokes of lithic materials from north dakota
    two good arrow points
    a few bone tools
    some other things you may like:

    this afternoon via priority mail
    i had your mailing address but forgot to ask you your phone number
    if you wish to send me your phone number i could call you and talk to you
    my email address:

    Hey Rock. Im west of Atlanta. My father worked (retired,now) for Delta we moved quite alot as he was transfered. Im in the process of getting some pictures on this here site of things I've found. Around noon, my dog and I went out,to a nice spot that always gives us nice finds until it began to rain.And Im thinking now that its dry,we may go down there again. I sprayed off the things I found earlier. I gotta remember the tape measure this time, because we are digging very low from under the banks of a creek. Its fun,a bit addictive, since Im finding things, its sometimes hard to stop and leave the place, and call it a day. (I do have other commitments<laundry,animals,job> etc that need some of my time.) It gives my dog excercise and he loves playing in the creeks.:laughing7:
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