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  • Bottle with a note inside 5 to 6 inches deep in the ground.

    This bottle had an aluminum cap that was glued to a cork in the top. I hit the top and broke it off .Update---> What i thought was cork was paper that was stuffed in the end of the bottle and it looked like cork. Not glued like i thought. It looks like the paper inside the bottle was holding...
  • 1918 / 7 S Standing Liberty Quarter, 1905 Indian cent,old button

    I got out to one of my hunting spots today and pounded it for 8 hrs. I got the 1905 Indian Head Cent first and then the 1918-s Standing Liberty Quarter that was on my wish list. Yes it's my first Standing Liberty and not to bad if I may say so myself. I also got a big button and some other things.
  • Saint-Gaudens,Twenty.Dollars,new pics

    I got out woods hunting this after noon and started a new area on the side of a hill. It wasn't long and I got a 75 reading on the DFX and I'm thinking silver. I started digging and I see leather so I widen the hole to be carefull. The leather was two inches down and the lowest point of the...