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  • OMG

    TROY OZ. 14 KT CHAIN , 10 KT RING in the water with equinox 800
  • 46 grams.

    Sunday morning 4:30 am I was go to Naples Fla. it's a 165 mile from home. Tried to buy some Gas credit card won't work. try another one good to go .3 Hours later step into the water nice 76* not many target 3 Quarter,1 penny and then BANG, I got a low buzzing sound , 2 scoops later out popped a...
  • Its comming up date!!

    It's comming up date!! Sunday May 3,2015 I found a ring of a life time. Over 2 1/2 Diamonds. the center stone is 1.5 ct. Pics. and apprasel to follow later.:hello2::hello2: Well it's over 3 ct. in diamonds . the center diamond is almost 2.25 ct. all set in 18kt white Gold. the value...